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Instagram Is Changing Its Name

First our likes, now this?

RIP Instagram. 

First, they remove likes from our feeds, then they add a donation sticker and now Instagram will no longer be called Instagram. 

The rebrand comes from the apps' owners, Facebook, who bought the social media platform back in 2012. Earlier this year, it was reported that Facebook wanted Instagram chats and Facebook messages to pass seamlessly throughout each platform which is why this name change is happening. 

Apparently renaming Instagram to 'Instagram from Facebook' is to make integration of the apps "clearer".

But if it weren't for this very article, you'd probably not even be aware of the change. According to The Information, who first broke the news, Facebook will adopt the new names not only internally but on Google Play and The App Store, while the app's name will stay the same on your phone home screen for now – or at least until you open Instagram, when you’ll receive your friendly new reminder that they’re owned by Facebook. 

And it won't just be precious Instagram getting makeover either, WhatsApp (which Facebook bought in 2014) will also be renamed to even catchier 'WhatsApp from Facebook'. For the same reason of merging their platforms, you will soon be able to send an Insta DM to a WhatsApp chat, said Mark Zuckerberg earlier this year. “We want to give people a choice so they can reach their friends across these networks from whichever app they prefer,” wrote the tech CEO in a lengthy blog post

However, the deeper motivation behind the merges is not just to tidy up your inbox correspondence but to seemingly tidy up Facebook’s appearance, especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which led to Facebook becoming associated with fake news and a lack of privacy. Zuckerberg has said that the renaming and integration is part of improved efforts to make Facebook a “privacy-focused platform”. 

As younger Facebook users drop off the social media service but continue to use WhatsApp and Instagram, the renaming could also be a PR exercise in trying to make Facebook look cool again, by association. 

But Mark - if you're reading - calling Instagram, 'Instagram from Facebook' won't make Facebook cool. 

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