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Instagram Will Soon Allow Users To Report Fake News

The platform has launched a tool that lets you report false information.

Instagram is attempting to tackle the spread of misinformation by launching a new tool that allows users to report fake news.

According to Dazed, once someone reports a post as containing ‘false information’, it will be sent to the platform’s fact-checkers who will determine if it needs to be hidden from Instagram’s explore and hashtag pages. 

If action is taken against a post, it will only be removed from these two places, which means it will still appear on the timelines of the people who follow the account that posted it.

A statement by spokesperson Stephanie Otway noted, "This is an initial step as we work towards a more comprehensive approach to tackling misinformation."

The new feature is available to use at present, however, only in the US. Wonder why. 

This is the latest of Instagram's updates to make the platform safer for its users.

The platform has also recently released a feature that combats cyberbullying on the app by allowing users to restrict people without them finding out.

Additionally, Instagram also hid likes in Ireland and a number of other countries of late, in order to take the pressure and competition out of posting.

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