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The Latest iOS Update Could See Your Phone Hacked

Employees at Apple have accidentally opened back up a security bug that it had previously fixed, according to security researchers.

Apple‘s most recent iOS update – 12.4 – has reopened a vulnerability that was previously patched, making it easy to jailbreak iPhones and iPads.

Security researchers found this weekend that iOS 12.4, the latest version released in June, reintroduced a bug found by a Google hacker that was fixed in iOS 12.3.

As reported by Motherboard, hackers quickly jumped on this over the weekend, and publicly released a jailbreak (bypassing the restrictions Apple puts on the operating system and taking full control of the device) for current, up-to-date iPhones.

That means it’s currently relatively easy to not only jailbreak up to date iPhones, but also hack iPhone users, according to people who have studied the issue.

Hacker Pwn20wnd, a security researcher who develops iPhone jailbreaks, published a jailbreak for iOS 12.4 on Monday.

He wrote that version 3.5.3 of the software leverages this flaw to jailbreak a fully patched up-to-date device.

While there is no way to secure your updated phone at the moment, the tech giant is usually quick off the mark to sort these things out. 

Over the years, the cat-and-mouse game between Apple and the jailbreaking community has led to the company implementing a lot of popular tweaks out of the box, such as system toggles, lock screen widgets, screen recording, multitasking, and picture-in-picture mode on iPad.

Apple is yet to comment on the security issue, and no new update has yet been made available.

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