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Modern Day Pet Peeves And Dealbreakers – As Told By Irish Daters

In April of last year, Hinge launched in Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Since the launch, Ireland's daters have been analysed to see what really makes them tick.

Dating is a tricky game. 

And, as online dating possibilities grow, it seems that the game is only getting harder. 

Hinge, the dating app designed to be deleted, has experienced exponential growth in Ireland since its launch in 2019.

The powers that be have managed to analyse member data since then to find some interesting results from ‘prompts’ in certain regions in Ireland.

These prompts have to have been chosen and answered by members for their profile, where users can then comment or 'like' an individual prompt of potential matches – see below. 

  • The most popular prompt by region:
    • Dublin’s most popular prompt is: We'll get along if
    • Belfast: I get along best with people who... 
    • Cork: I’m looking for
    • Galway: My most irrational fear
    • Limerick: We’ll get along if
  • The prompt that leads to the most dates:
    • Dublin: Suggest a date if
    • Belfast: My Childhood Crush 
    • Cork: I’m convinced that
    • Galway: I get along best with people who
    • Limerick: Face about me that surprises people
  • The most “liked” answers to the prompt “Pet Peeves” 
    • Dublin: Slow walkers
    • Belfast: Orange juice with bits, slow walkers and people who chat in shop doorways...
    • Cork: When people call each other (or me) baby 
    • Galway: Slow walkers
    • Limerick: Bad apostrophe’s

It should come as no surprise that slow walkers dominate the pet peeves section – along with bad grammar and soppy pet names. 

Launched in 2012, Hinge is the dating app for people who want to get off dating apps.

According to the company, "on Hinge, there are no rules, timers, or games. Instead, users meet their most compatible matches and they’ll have unique conversations over what they’ve shared on their detailed profile."

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