"We are going to be making our alcohol available at no cost," Rosemary Garth of Irish Distillers said, reiterating that the supply of hand sanitiser is scarce during this coronavirus pandemic, including "crucially for those who need it most." 

Mervue Labs will be producing just to cover their costs," she continued. 

"This will enable us to deliver large scale quantities of hand sanitiser to hospitals and health care professionals, that need it not only now but in the times ahead."

The Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs said the company, as a producer of alcohol, decided to get to work to see what was needed to make the gel plan happen. 

She described it as a "fantastic solution-based approach", further mentioning that the move will not impact the company's production of whiskey. 

"We stand committed to the people and communities of Ireland during this difficult time and we will continue to collaborate with the health authorities so as to ensure our efforts are channelled to greatest effect," she said. 

"We are committed to maintaining supply to the maximum levels possible for as long as possible.

"Like so many, Irish Distillers is doing what we can at a time of great national crisis. We hope that in doing so, it helps our healthcare professionals in their efforts to protect all of us from the spread of the virus," a statement from the company concluded.

The move follows several similar as displayed by perfumeries and distilleries worldwide. 

Just last week, luxury brand LVMH revealed that it would use its perfume production lines to start making hand sanitiser to protect people against the coronavirus outbreak.