A Rally Cry: Why We Need To Support Women More Than Ever

Didn’t you know? We are already on the dream team.

Do you ever really need a reason to champion women though? 

The upcoming Irish Tatler Woman Of The Year Awards gathers the country’s finest in a glamorous celebration of the lives and work of Irish women across all industries who have truly generated a stand-out effect.

Such an effect has no doubt, inspired, enlightened, and encouraged women across the globe to keep pushing for their dreams no matter the external (negative) noise. 

Competitive streaks run high nowadays with more opportunities, wealth and ambition fueling our drive. The only issue is the exposure to such success routes are equally shared among millions of other hopefuls who have the same dream as you, adding a few extra hurdles and turns to your perfect dream path. The trickier process translates as more rejection, resentment, and jealousy towards others who seem to be further ahead and playing a better game of life. 

However, given we are an overworked, coffee-infused generation misplacing our energy isn’t a favourable habit. Wasting time feeling envious and bitter could be far more productive with a different perspective. Giving congratulations, praise and encouragement to your fellow female opposition might teach you something and allow you to grow. In turn, making you happier.

In case you are in need of some convincing as to why we should all be more women for women, we have listed a few reasons below...

We Are A Pretty Inspiring Bunch 

You don’t need to look far for some female inspiration worth championing. From home soil prodigies to Parisian influence and the whole world women have always, and continue to create an impact no matter what they try their hand at. 

Twelve-year-old climate change activist, Flossie Donnelly is focused on maintaining healthy, beautiful beaches, a journey she documents on her blog flossieandthebeachcleaners.com.

Flossie's passion for environmental activism was sparked on a trip to Thailand with her family when she was seven - are you feeling motivated yet?

Ever since then, Flossie has continued to lead a movement and change even the most rigid of attitudes to start taking climate change seriously. That's our girl!

Flossie tip: ditch the cling film, which hardly feels like a price to pay for a future. 

We Are Professional Multitaskers

Women have a talent for making excellence, multitasking and winged eyeliner seem all within a day’s work. Our creativity and work ethic contribute to our infinite success in several fields which warrants some well deserved praise and open ears on how to make it happen. 

Parisien influencer, Jeanne Demas oozes that french-girl charisma we cannot get enough of.

Of course, her talent doesn't end there. Just last weekend Jeanne opened her first boutique for her clothing brand Rouje and her first restaurant Chez Jeanne on the same night with perfectly french soirée. Not many entrepreneurs can enjoy the success of a double business debut. And the french-girl obsession continues...

We Are Teammates

Pitting women against each other is a senseless game when we are all a part of the same team. Being a woman is not always a walk in the park, no matter how easy we make it look.

Who better to understand the odd female trials and tribulations than ourselves? Your support and encouragement towards your mother, sister, co-worker, friend, role model, a stranger could mean the absolute world to them and has never been more important. Lifting one another up is an instant mood booster for everyone so why not engage in a random act of kindness. Think Kanye praising Kanye - but maybe tone it down a tad. 

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