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Who Is Jacob Rees Mogg? Meet The Anti-Abortion, Anti-LGBT, Brexiteer Who Has Gone Viral

Many might feel that calling Jacob Rees-Mogg the Marmite of British politics does the yeast extract spread a disservice. But, what does the anachronistic new Leader of the House of Commons have to say about social issues? And, should we be scared?

Boris Johnson has continued his hard-right takeover of the Conservative Party by promoting the arch Brexiteer, anti-abortion, anti-LGBT, pro-privatisation Tory MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg, to the role of Leader of the House of Commons.

Rees-Mogg – who found out about his new role from a BBC reporter – is an extremely controversial Cabinet appointment for many, having been routinely criticised for his ‘outdated’ views on both abortion and LGBT rights.

The Tory MP has repeatedly voted against equality for LGBT people, same-sex marriage, laws to promote human rights, and has even repeatedly stated his opposition to abortion even in cases of rape.

The Hammersmith-born, Eton-educated 50-year-old is estimated to have amassed a fortune of around £55 million. And, as a result, consistently votes in favour of policies that favour the wealthy – such as against a banker’s bonus tax and against increasing taxes on the rich.

His vast wealth – most of which reportedly lies in off-shore tax havens, something which he defends dishonourably – has left him open to the criticism that he cannot understand the lives and concerns of many ordinary people.

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However, the one thing that Rees-Mogg is not too anachronistic to do is stir the pot. 

When he went on Good Morning Britain back in 2017 and espoused his views on gay marriage, refugees and abortion, outrage was, naturally, sparked.

He also admitted that he has never changed a nappy. Yet has spent most of his adult life representing those who do. 

There is a reason that hoteliers spend six months doing every single job on the bottom floor before they rise in the ranks. You cannot get to the top without having an appreciation for the bottom. 

At his core, he is both extremely rightwing and reactionary

Far from being “eccentric” or “freethinking”, as the extreme right likes to characterise itself, he embodies their tick-box views: anti-gay marriage; anti-abortion; doesn’t believe in climate-change legislation, votes against any rise in benefits, even for disabled people; supports zero-hours contracts and tuition fees.

He also, like many of his colleagues, supported Trump.

As usual, Rees-Mogg’s religious persuasion is used to excuse his appalling bigotry.

He is a fervent Catholic and this kind of obstreperous fundamentalism is always anti-women, but for some reason, we are expected to respect it. Because that's always worked for Muslims. 

His path to parliament, like so many others, has been Eton to Oxford to investment banking – a narrative that has jaded the general public to the point of exhaustion. 

But, to be fair (we have to try) he is the real deal. The real deal these days being a stonkingly posh, antiquated neoconservative.

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