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James Blake Calls Out The Sexist Idea That Jameela Jamil Is His ‘Muse’

"Shout out to all the partners who selflessly placated a musician during a very self-absorbed process like creating an album."

James Blake has spoken up for girlfriend Jameela Jamil’s role in creating his new album ‘Assume Form’.

The English singer-songwriter released his fourth album in January and just yesterday broke his silence on the discourse surrounding his relationship with Jamil and the implications surrounding the word “muse.”

Responding to a video from Austin City Limits as posted by Billboard, the 31-year-old tweeted out his disappointment in the way his partner has been framed in the context of the album.

“She actually worked on it,” he wrote.

“I even said it in the interview, but people focus on ‘inspired’ because the idea of the ‘muse’ is so romantic and pervasive.”

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Blake then goes on to point out, over the course of a series of tweets, that female partners of male musicians are often with their partners through every step of the creative process and get next to no recognition for what they contribute.

"Women who help their partners with their album, being a sounding board and often their only emotional support during the process, almost invariably go uncredited, while majority male producers come in and make a tiny change to a track and they’re Mr. golden balls," he wrote.

Jamil later deemed him "a proper feminist".

It’s not the first time Blake has been outspoken about the way his music is portrayed, either — just last year, Blake criticised Pitchfork for labelling him a “sad boy,” describing the label as “unhealthy and problematic.”

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