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Jury Finds That Katy Perry Copied A Christian Rap Song

The 34-year-old's hit 'Dark Horse' bears striking similarities to Joyful Noise by Flame, who first took a case against the singer in 2014.

Musician Katy Perry was found by a jury to have copied the beat of her 2013 hit 'Dark Horse' from a Christian rap song by Marcus Gray. 

The former-Christian singer was found to have committed copyright infringement by a nine-person Los Angeles court which ruled that similarities between Perry’s song and 'Joyful Noise' by Marcus Gray – who performs as Flame – were too similar to be considered a coincidence. 

The week-long trial saw Perry take the witness stand, where she told the jury her song was an original composition and that she had never heard of the rap song.

She said her collaborators had brought her samples of short instrumental passages, which inspired the composition of Dark Horse.

Her team said that the two songs’ underlying beat was “commonplace” and therefore cannot be copyrighted.

Gray’s lawyers said the defendants had “copied an important part” of his song, referring to a 16-second instrumental phrase. His team first brought the litigation against Perry in 2014.

The court will begin today determining how much Gray may be owed in damages.

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