Kim Kardashian Is Working On A Documentary About Prison Reform

The show will see her visiting prisons to learn more about the US justice system.

Kim Kardashian has been vocal about prison reform for a while now.

The mother, mogul and reality recently went back to college to study law and follow in the footsteps of her father. 

Her dedication to studying has been admirably passionate, given that she has used her fame and financial stability to free inmates – beginning with her involvement in the high-profile freeing of Alice Marie Johnson, which took her to the White House.

Of course, she’s also one of the most recognisable faces on TV, so the decision to make a show about prison reform was kind of inevitable.

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Kim Kardashian announced the documentary, which will be out on Oxygen, in a tweet.

The tweet followed images of Kardashian visiting a prison in DC, posing with inmates and Dr Marc Howard, a Georgetown professor who teaches in the prison and is the director of the Prisons and Justice Initiative.

“Last week I was so moved by Dr Marc Howard,” she writes, adding: “I met so many amazing people that can’t wait to share their stories with you.”

Kim, along with her husband Kanye West, has also been vocal in her support of A$AP Rocky, calling for him to be freed Swedish custody, where he’s been held on suspicion (and now officially charged) with assault.

Main image by @marcmhoward

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