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Is Leo Varadkar Being Ghosted By Boris Johnson?

Ghosting, breadcrumbing or haunting? You decide.

It has emerged that Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, like a jilted bride, has yet to receive a phone call from new British PM Boris Johnson almost a week after he assumed office.

A call between the two offices is usually arranged when a new leader enters 10 Downing Street.

Former Taoiseach Enda Kenny spoke with Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May on her first day in office in 2013, Bertie Ahern spoke to Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the day he assumed office in 2007 and Brian Cowen did the same on the day David Cameron became Prime Minister in 2010.

Varadkar, upon BoJo's ascension to prime minister, congratulated the 55-year-old via Twitter.

However, despite Johnson having already spoken to five leaders around the world including Donald Trump on Friday, no reciprocal contact had yet been with the Department of the Taoiseach.

To add insult to injury, Johnson also contacted Canadian prime minister and Varadkar-favourite Justin Trudeau, to speak about a Brexit transition. Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Claude Juncker were also contacted. 

We wonder if they discussed socks?

Speaking on Morning Ireland on RTÉ Radio 1 on Monday morning, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Michael Creed said he did not believe the lack of phone call was a calculated snub by Johnson.

“The UK is our nearest neighbour, it’s our closest trading partner. We will overcome the challenges of Brexit and remain on cordial terms with our nearest neighbour,” he said.

“That’s an imperative; it’s an absolute certainty.

“There will be…engagement between the Taoiseach and Boris Johnson at the earliest possible date and I’ve no doubt that arrangements are going on behind the scenes for that to happen.”

Johnson is expected to visit Northern Ireland later this week, a situation that would normally prompt a call from Downing Street to the Taoiseach. However, given the situation, many believe the phone may never ring. 

While this is going against normal protocol, the reason behind this may ring true with Boris' character.

At present, his most recent communication with the Taoiseach was when Leo challenged him to outline how a Brexit agreement can be reached, given that preparations for a no-deal crash-out are underway. 

The UK, also, famously neglects Northern Ireland when it comes to legislation, borders and government. Perhaps this is Boris showing his true colours and simply defining how he feels about Ireland/Nothern Ireland – indifferent?

That or, he's simply partaking in one of the many other new and horrifying dating terms to grace the zeitgeist in recent times.

We must also explore the fact that he's simply mortified, based on the fact that, upon hearing his Irish counterpart's surname, he said: "Why isn't he called Murphy like the rest of them?"

Although, given his history, one would assume it would take a lot to humiliate the bumbling Etonian. 

The truth is that, although he's nowhere near to being the pride of England any time soon, Johnson must meet with Varadkar ASAP to safeguard an open Irish border, ensuring the induction of the EU27 to unlock some cosmetic redrafting of the withdrawal agreement – an open deal for all. 

Like a Tinder date who made you pay and never got you back, Boris will indeed call (a far more parliamentary approach to DM slides) Leo in an attempt to fill historical potholes. 

Let's just hope Leo remembers that we're an independent country that doesn't need no man. 

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