The clinic is currently closed. 

A medical centre in County Longford has been targeted with anti-abortion graffiti. 

The Longford Medical Centre at Leader House in Longford Town, now closed due to the incident, was defaced with black and white paint on the front of the building. 

The graffiti tags – which adheres to a common theme of anti-abortion rhetoric – include messages such as "Pro-Choicer ageist Nazis were racist" and "We are being governed by criminals".

Other messages read "Abortion women die young" and "Media hided truth". Another read "Murder unborn Longford children €450/kill."

A statement from the Gardaí reports that no complaint has yet been made about the graffiti: "Gardaí have not received a complaint regarding an incident overnight at a premises at Deanscurragh, Co. Longford."

The incident follows one of similar likeness which occurred at the constituency office of Fine Gael TD Tony McLoughlin some two months ago. 

McLoughlin took to social media to share a photo of his local office after it was vandalised with "pro-life" graffiti.

The image shows that the front of the office has been defaced with phrases like "Fine Gael Baby Killers," "Herods," and "Skum."

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