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The Sustainable Dublin Restaurant Leading The Charge For Green Living

"For us it’s about making small changes to reduce our own impact on the world around us."

Sustainable dining just got easier. 

In the wake of Greta Thunberg's visceral and inspiring UN speech, many of us are wondering what it is that we can do to make a difference.

While recycling, cutting down on meat and adopting a circular economy can all be implemented at home – getting businesses involved is wholly crucial if we're looking to eradicate damage done in previous decades. 

Thom Lawson, of The Lucky Tortoise fame, has taken matters into his own hands in a bid to make his Aungier Street restaurant as sustainable as possible. 

Recognising that it's a long game, Thom has already installed energy-efficient lightbulbs throughout the restaurant, mirroring their recent switch to Panda Power – an entirely green energy supplier. 

Front of House environmental ventures begin with beverages, with drinks available exclusively by tap with no bottles or cans used at any point in the chain of production.

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APRIL 2019 AUNGIER STREET. Very excited to be making movements towards our goal of being waste free for 2019 Wines exclusively on tap from @winelab_ireland Fully compostable and biodegradable packaging- napkins - toilet roll Our kitchen display system means no paper production dockets We don’t print receipts. Our next steps include 1.The Half shell soda company (Zero waste handmade sodas) crafted by Thom and available exclusively on tap 2. We’ll start working on our kitchen to reduce food packaging. 3. We will finish with our chemicals All going well we will massively reduce our waste as a restaurant. Any help getting us there is greatly appreciated. Email [email protected] if you feel you can help. LT team x

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Paper is entirely eradicated with:

  • Menu items now displayed on a chalkboard with receipts now received by email.
  • Orders and reservations for each day are noted on a whiteboard.
  • Toilet paper, napkins and takeaway packaging have also been swapped out for compostable alternatives.

Speaking to Irish Tatler, Lawson revealed that the eco-revamp was actually far easier than expected. 

"It’s been in the plan for a long while so we’re embracing it. It’s actually very easy when you try and make it part of the culture. 

"Some things cost more and some things are harder to source – but when you consider we don’t use bottles for any drinks we have reduced a cost as far as waste collection goes. And renewable energy is no more expensive than other companies."

Next on the agenda for the restaurant, according to Thom, is the hunt for an above-board cleaning product, and combatting food waste. 

"We are testing various [cleaning products] out. We have to be in line with HACCP rules and regulations so it’s tough but we will find a happy medium. Food waste is an important one and a lot of it comes with training so we’re working with our chefs to get the most out of each and every product we use."

“I sincerely hope that other restaurants and businesses feel a little inspired by what we are trying our utmost to achieve and do the same. It is only when we as an industry rise up and demand that certain environmental standards be met that we will see real change.

"My approach is piecemeal but little by little we are making strides to make this city a little bit better. That’s really what it’s all about.”

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