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The Reason Maura Higgins Has Cancelled A Number Of Appearances

The model – who came fourth in Love Island with partner Curtis Pritchard – revealed that she has been to a doctor.

The Ballymahon-native took to Instagram to share her piece. 

Love Island finalist Maura Higgins has cancelled a series of personal appearances due to burnout.

The former ring girl has recently been on blast by fans who were expecting her at a series of personal appearances which she seemingly cancelled to enjoy nights out with her friends. 

Taking to Instagram, Higgins posted a video to her stories revealing she has "not had a day off since leaving the villa".

"I've not had any social time or anything so I need to take a few days off and just kind of sort my head out," she added.

"I'm just completely ran down."

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Maura revealed she had received medical attention and was finally sleeping well. However, she said she has been forced to cancel two days of work.

"I need to do it for me because I am shattered," she explained.  "And I've not had time for just, you know, normal day to day stuff like go for dinner or go to the cinema.

"I've not had that and I need to because it's good for the head to just get out and do normal things."

Speaking about leaving the villa to constant attention and work, she said, "I think it's like a big shock to the system when you come out of the villa.

"You're just so hectic and I've not had a down day."

The mental health of the contestants on this year's series has been of paramount importance to producers in the wake of the deaths by suicide last year of two former stars.

A more comprehensive aftercare package was offered to this year's islanders, including up to 14 months counselling after the series ended.

Earlier this year, burnout – the recently-monikered disorder of which symptoms include exhaustion and delirium – is now a recognised and diagnosable condition.

As of early this week, it has now been added to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) International Classification of Diseases, meaning that it will become a globally-recognised medical condition as of 2020.

The WHO defines burn-out as “chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”.

It characterises the condition with the following symptoms: feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job; and reduced professional efficacy.

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