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Here's What The Most Instagrammable Bathrooms In The World Look Like

PLUS: how many likes you'll get if you post a snap in one.

If you weren't already suffering from a serious case of wanderlust, you will now. 

Ten years ago, if you had snapped a photo of yourself in a public restroom and tried to share it with your friends, you could count on a few dubious looks. Now, you get likes — lots of them.

It’s the age of the Instagram bathroom.

When it comes to going out for dinner, going on holiday or even round to your friend's house, it's no longer sufficient for only the food, ambience and company to be good; the bathrooms have to be exceptional too, especially if you're on Instagram. See, the interiors of an establishment are increasingly being judged through said establishment's toilets, and we, the social media generation, are responsible for this.

Some bathrooms are so popular they garner thousands of posts on the 'gram, usually under the hashtag #BathroomSelfie. 

Now, new research from Mira Showers has revealed the most Instagrammed bathrooms in the world. The brand trawled through the five most popular bathroom-related hashtags (#bathroomgoals, #bathroomsoftheworld, #hotelbathroom, #bathtubgoals, #bathroomview) and identified hotel locations that appeared the most on Instagram. 

The list range from exotic island bathrooms over-looking crystal-clear waters, to outdoor tubs in the heart of the British countryside. 

Most Instagrammed Bathrooms in The World

  • Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island, Maldives 
  • The Silo Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa 
  • Punta Tragara Hotel, Capri, Italy 
  • Six Senses Zil Payson, Seychelles 
  • Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard, London, UK 
  • The Peninsula, Hong Kong 
  • Zannier Hotels, Sonop, Namibia 
  • The Udaya Resorts and Spa, Bali, Indonesia 
  • The Old Piggery at Windout Farm, Devon, UK 

Topping the list as the most expensive hotel bathroom is The Muraka suite at Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island.

As each stay is carefully tailored to individual guest requirements, exact costs are available by enquiry only, but as a guideline, costs can vary between €19,661 in low season (July and October) and €58,088 in high season (April and December).

However, the most affordable bathroom on the list can be found in the UK. 

Listed with Canopy and Stars, the Old Piggery at Windout Farm in Devon can range from €136 in low season (April) to €172 in high season (July and December). 

But which of these hotel bathrooms could generate the most Likes on your own Instagram, we hear you cry. Well, Mira Showers have you covered there too. They gathered the ten most recent Instagram posts taken in each of these hotel bathrooms to find out the average number of likes from posing in the same place:

bathrooms that get the most likes:

  • Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard, London, UK: 3,323 
  • Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island, Maldives: 2,231 
  • Six Senses Zil Payson, Seychelles: 2,409 
  • Punta Tragara Hotel, Capri, Italy: 1,831 
  • The Udaya Resorts and Spa, Bali, Indonesia: 1,190
  • The Old Piggery at Windout Farm, Devon, UK:1,039
  • The Silo Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa: 728 
  • The Peninsula, Hong Kong: 583 
  • Zannier Hotels, Sonop, Namibia: 392 

Whoever thought nipping to the loo could be so chic?

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