Netflix's Latest Update Will Put An End To Password Sharing

Netflix has lost its chill

But don't worry, apparently, it'll be in a "consumer-friendly way"

We've all got that one friend who valiantly fronts the Netflix bill for everyone else. In some cases, it's an ex you don't even speak to any more or it's just your Dad - but whoever it is, we bet you've got their password autosaved so you can carry on binging your favourite programmes without paying.

Well, not for much longer.

It would seem that Netflix has lost its chill as the streaming service is hoping to clamp down on users who password-share, spelling what comes as devastating news for leeches (myself included) everywhere.

Speaking at Netflix's Q3 2019 earnings interview last week, chief product officer Greg Peters said he was aware that some users share their password information to circumvent paying for a monthly subscription, but didn't disclose how many users actually share their information.

“We continue to monitor [password sharing],” Peters says. “We’ll continue to look at the situation and we’ll see those consumer-friendly ways to push on the edge of that"

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The news comes after a study found that the average Netflix account has five people using it, with just one person picking up the bill. Research carried out by discovered the high number of 'Netflix leeches', with more than two-thirds claiming they have no intentions of ever getting their own account.

What's more, nine in ten of those sponging off someone else's account admit they could afford their own subscription.

 Just how Netflix plan to weed out those who are using someone else's password is yet to be revealed, however, the company added they're keen to do it "without alienating a certain portion of [its] user base".

But don't panic, you have a little more time to rinse your pals, as Netflix don't have any "big plans," yet.

And it's a good thing too, as the service recently hiked its prices up for Irishsubscription packages, with a standard plan for both new and existing customers increasing by €1 up to €11.99, while the premium account is to raise by €2 up to €15.99.

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