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The Non-Optical Allyship Guide Every White Person Should Read

Every day's a school day.

For people who actively want to support their black brothers and sisters right now, it can be confusing to know the best way to help.

Resharing footage of police brutality might seem like you're doing the right thing at one moment in time, but the emotional trauma it causes POC is likely to outweigh the political impact of your post. 

As writer and editor, Mireille Cassandra Harper has identified in the past, online conversations with the uninformed can sometimes feel “like screaming into an echo chamber.”

But for those of us who aren't black, there are many valuable ways to activate your allyship without offending others. 

In the wake of George Floyd's death, Harper took to Twitter to share “10 Steps To Non-Optical Allyship”, a simple and elegant guide for white people to inform themselves on black culture during this time. 

The thread has since gone viral, deservedly, with the hopes that those 'who actively want to support and be an ally' can educate themselves on how to do just that. 

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Harper's post can be originally seen here.

And while Harper’s original thread suggested donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, the organisation has now requested that people contribute to other nonprofits, such as the ones listed here, following a deluge of financial support.

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