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A New Nudity Filming Guidebook Has Been Released After Emilia Clarke Spoke Out

Speaking on actor Dax Shepard's podcast, Clarke says she would "cry in the bathroom" before filming certain Game Of Thrones' scenes - but adds this would have happened "whether there was nudity or not".

The professional association of UK screen directors has published its first guidelines for scenes in TV shows and films that involve sex and nudity. 

"Everyone deserves the right to feel safe at work," a statement read on the Directors UK website.

“We know that directors don’t want anyone to feel unsafe, exploited or mismanaged when dealing with scenes of nudity or simulated sex.

“And so, working in consultation with both our members and industry colleagues, Directors UK has compiled a set of best practice guidance for creating a safe on-set environment, one that allows directors and their collaborators to make daring work.”

The guidance includes banning full nudity in any audition or call back and no semi-nudity in first auditions.

The document states that "by their nature, auditions are based on a power imbalance", and that "some performers can feel obligated to agree to uncomfortable requests to get a job".

They suggest performers wear a bikini or trunks and also bring a chaperone, as well as demanding 48 hours' notice and full-scripts be given for any recalls that require semi-nudity.

Productions must also obtain explicit written consent from the performer prior to them being filmed or photographed nude or semi-nude.

"The director, as the creative lead on a production, should set the tone for a professional and respectful on-set environment," said UK Directors film committee chair Susanna White.

It also advises that productions must obtain explicit written consent from the performer prior to them being filmed or photographed nude or semi-nude. 

The new guidelines, which are supported by industry bodies including Bafta, Equity, the BFI and the Casting Directors' Guild, come in the wake of the #MeToo movement and the more immediate news of Emilia Clarke revealing that she felt pressured to perform nude scenes on Game of Thrones. 

Her role as Daenerys Targaryen initially required her to take her clothes off quite a lot.

She thinks it was necessary for the story - but that the show would be "very different" if it was made today.

You can read the guidelines in full here

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