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Fáilte Ireland Has Published A Set of Guidelines For Bars To Reopen On June 29

The published guidelines around the reopening of pubs serving food will see customers restricted to spending a maximum of one hour and 45 minutes in a premises at any one time.

Following the news that bars can reopen from June 29 if they serve a 'substantial meal worth at least €9', Fáilte Ireland has published a separate set of guidelines that will govern how pubs operate over the coming months.

Among the key directives outlined by Ireland's tourism authority are pre-booked slots, table service and a limited time of one hour and 45 minutes allocated to each party. 

"Pre-booked time-limited slots should be in place for customers, which are a maximum of 105 minutes duration, plus there should be a minimum of 15 minutes between bookings in order to allow for adequate cleaning and to allow customers to leave and enter, without mixing," it reads. 

It had originally been expected that these slots would last for 90 minutes, prior to lobbying from Fáilte Ireland.

Pubs are also encouraged to allow for online bookings to be made in order to reduce queueing outside the premises. Information will also be gathered by pubs for the purposes of contact tracing.

"Businesses will now be required to collect the contact information of just the party lead," the guidelines read.

"Previously, the original HPSC guidance stated that this should be collected for the full group."

The report also contains details on how often cutlery, equipment, etc must be cleaned, as well as the requirement for a front of house staff member who will "control physical distancing measures".

As for the implementation of social distancing measures, it has also been confirmed that pubs which cannot allow for two metres physical distancing will be allowed to operate if they can implement one metre of physical distancing.

This will also apply to toilet usage, and "a strict queuing system and limitations on the number of users must be enforced to ensure physical distancing".

"These guidelines are intended to provide clarity to businesses so that they can reopen safely on June 29," Paul Kelly, CEO of Fáilte Ireland said.

"I would like to thank my team and officials from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport who have been working tirelessly on ensuring these guidelines are practical while adhering to public health advice.”

Fáilte Ireland guidelines are living documents, meaning that as Government restrictions and Public Health guidelines evolve, these documents will also evolve accordingly.

All pubs in Ireland are expected to reopen as normal by July 20.

The full guidelines can be read here.

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