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The Irish Network Against Racism Has Launched Resource Pages On Understanding Racism In Ireland

Responding to what it called “an unprecedented interest and level of queries about racism in Ireland” the Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) today launched an online resource package for understanding racism in Ireland.

Due to an unprecedented wave of interest, the INAR has released a booklet on how to understand racism in Ireland. 

The Understanding Racism package gives a comprehensive answer in an Irish and international historical context to the question “what is racism?”.

The downloadable booklet is accompanied by a web page entitled “Racism in Ireland Today - what are the issues?”, a useful jumping-off point for the main issues which shape the state of racism in Ireland, with links to further resources and INAR’s policy positions.

The resource also contains a practical information resource with links called “10 things you can do about racism.” 

The Irish Network Against Racism is a network organisation, founded in 1998, with over 100 civil society member organisations in Ireland, whose own members include a range of affected communities such as Traveller and Roma, migrant rights, anti-racist, Muslim, Jewish, Afro-descendent, asylum seeker, community and intercultural groups, and both funded and grassroots organisations.

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Membership also includes faith groups and inter-faith organisations, as well as the principal trade unions in Ireland. Using the resources of its network members, INAR works to develop common positions and concerted approaches to the fight against racism in Ireland. These include analysis and policy submissions to statutory, intergovernmental and legislative bodies, such as the EC, ECRI, the OSCE, the UN and the Oireachtas. 

“It has taken the tragic death of George Floyd to galvanise a global consciousness about racism," said Claudia Hoareau, member of INAR’s Board of Directors.

"This has clearly been a tragedy for George Floyd’s loved ones and for black and minority communities everywhere. But racialised brutality against minorities is not news to those of us who are from minority backgrounds, so in that context, we are comforted by what we see as the opening of the eyes of the whole nation to the reality of racism as faced by minorities, and a thirst to understand more.” 

The downloadable booklet can be found here

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