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Rihanna Has Revealed That She Is Preparing Her Body For Pregnancy

The singer has begun taking supplements, as experts warn the vast majority of women aren't 'nutritionally prepared' for pregnancy.

It comes after experts warn that the vast majority of women of reproductive age aren't nutritionally prepared for pregnancy.

Robyn 'Rihanna' Fenty has opened up about her impending plans for motherhood, telling Extra that she has started taking supplements to prepare her body for pregnancy.

'A lot of women get very defensive [about motherhood],’ the musician-cum-designer said.

‘It’s personal, it’s our bodies, and of course, it’s our time. It’s not necessarily everyone’s dream to be a mum… but it’s mine, so I’m fine.’

'I’m definitely feeling a shift. I’m growing up,' she continued.

‘There are things that I’m paying attention to that I’ve never paid attention to. Like supplements. And working out. And hearing about my bones.'

It should go without saying that speculating about pregnancy is invasive and reductive. But it’s also, sadly, a part of modern celebrity life for women—and Rihanna knows this better than most.

During an interview with Anna Wintour (released with her new Vogue cover), she faced the baby debate head-on, and in the most hilarious way.

“Rihanna, do you hope to have a baby soon?” Wintour asks in the video.

“I don’t think about stuff like that. But, I don’t know…God’s plan,” Rihanna responds, with a laugh. “I look forward to all of the pregnancy rumours after this interview.”

In her Vogue cover story, she doesn’t mention her rumoured boyfriend Hassan Jameel by name but confirms, “Yeah, I’m dating. I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time, and it’s going really well, so I’m happy.” She also said she “without a doubt” wants kids.

Earlier in the year, a study by University College London, published in The Lancet, researched 509 women of reproductive age and found 96% had iron and folate intakes below the recommendation for pregnancy.

Experts are subsequently warning that diet and lifestyle overhauls need to be made years before considering having children.

Researchers are also advising that children be taught about the best diet to prepare for pregnancy, with rates of obesity in Ireland growing all the time. 

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