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An Editor's Introduction: The June Issue Of Irish Tatler

Let's get digital.

Editor of Irish Tatler magazine, Sarah Macken on always-evolving and just what you can expect to find in the June issue of Irish Tatler.

The new issue of Irish Tatler, starring Samantha Barry, has just landed on a newsstand near you. And what an edition it is! It's jammed with inspiring women, fascinating insights and incredible stories from this digital life we all lead.

We could have called it the digital issue, but somehow that didn’t seem right. While some of us choose to have as little a digital footprint as possible or to avoid social media altogether, one thing we all bear witness to is the fact that in today’s age – whether we like it or not – we are living with the rather modern phenomenon of being 'always on'.

Always engaged, whether that’s through a work-life blend; always answerable, be it to an email or a text; or simply always processing, because our lives are so fast-paced it’s hard to calm the melange of thoughts that envelop us every day. This isn’t a slight on the lives we lead; rather, it’s intended to be a snapshot of this fascinating digital age.

On that note we've pulled together our ultimate 'take five' manifesto; for those moments when you need to unplug, de-stress and unwind, which, in this digital age, we know is all-essential. Read our tips on how to truly make mindfulness work, how to get a good night's sleep and the best ways crafts to zone in on so that you can zone out.

But, back to our cover girl. Just two minutes in the presence of Barry and you understand how she’s gone from a modest Cork upbringing to the glass offices of Condé Nast quicker than you can say ‘florals for spring’.

Both in her official role (editor in chief of US Glamour) and unofficial role (protegé of fashion legend Anna Wintour) Barry is part of a new breed of leading women who are honest, unwavering and wholly themselves.

We spent a whirlwind day with Barry, as she visited Dublin to help us launch the rebranded Irish Tatler magazine (listen to all the event's excitement here), read her insights into being authentic and – shock horror! – see how many hours she spends head-buried-in-phone in this must-read interview. (FYI, the rest of the team divulges their numbers in our screen time stats feature.)

All of that, plus the rise of millennial medications, is Netflix face a thing (yes, really) as well as the rise of the tipsy shopper. This is a mindful, long read you won't want to miss. 

Until next time! 

LISTEN: Samantha Barry in Conversation with Irish Tatler

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