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Sarah Jessica Parker Is The Latest Celebrity To Launch Her Own Rosé

Cosmos are so last season...

Perfect for unwinding after a long day at home...

You know what pairs perfectly with Sex and the City marathons? Nope, not cosmopolitans. Instead, sit back and sip from Sarah Jessica Parker's new rosé every time Carrie says, “I couldn’t help but wonder...”

The actress and self-proclaimed “wine lover” has teamed up once again with New Zealand-based company Invivo & Co to add a new rosé to her collection of wines. The new rose, named Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker Rose, hails from the South of France and has been crafted by SJP, the founders of Invivo & Co and winemakers from a family estate from the French region of Provence.

Yet another celebrity endorsement this is not. Creative and deeply passionate about all she does, Sarah Jessica Parker has been heavily involved in the entire process – from blends to the of naming the wine and designing the label.

“Blending the rosé was an experience I never thought I would be participating in and was not only great fun but, as always with my partners at Invivo, informative, surprising, delicious and wonderfully satisfying. I am so looking forward to adding it to our collection of wines," said Parker. 

The grapes were harvested at night, de-stemmed, then selected on an optical sorting table. Following a gentle pressing, the rosé was fermented in stainless steel. The result is a peach-hued wine which is said to offer aromas of grapefruit, crunchy apple and nectarine, with a hint of sweet raspberry.

The pleasantly refreshing wine is presented in elegant long-necked curved bottles featuring a grey paint stroke X and a comma directly after it which is an intentional and personal touch, referencing SJP's signature email and Instagram post signoff: “X, SJ.”

This is the second release in the Invivo X, SJP Wine Collaboration following Sarah Jessica Parker’s award-winning Sauvignon Blanc, which launched worldwide last September.

The new Invivo X, SJP Rosé will have a suggested retail price of €18.00 and is currently available at

Main image by Invivo & Co

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