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This New Netflix Show Is Essentially Gilmore Girls 2.0

Lorelai and Rory - meet Ginny and Georgia

In the words of Sookie St. James, "Am I crying or laughing?"

So we all know Hollywood lives for a good reboot and remake - and if we're being honest, we do too, but sometimes a brand new movie or tv show will come along and things are even more similar than we expected.

Like Netflix's latest TV show, Ginny & Georgia. 

Given the fact the streaming giant announces 1000 new shows a day, we didn’t bat an eyelid until we heard the description. The official description reads, “After years on the run, teenage Ginny and her mother Georgia, year to settle down. But the secrets in Georgia’s past jeopardize the endeavor.” Sound familiar?

The show stars Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey as daughter and mother and is set in a picturesque New England town. And although it's no Stars Hollow, there are even more similarities:

  • Ginny is an awkward teen often feels more mature than her mother, who is described as "irresistible and dynamic", 
  • There's a prestigious school,
  • Neighbourhood bad boys,
  • And there's even a local farm-to-table restaurant owner who sounds an awful lot like Luke.

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There are some differences, of course, including a younger brother for Ginny, Georgia grew up in poverty and they've swapped out a coffee addiction for kombucha. 

Ginny & Georgia is currently in production. We'll have to wait until the show debuts in 2020 to find out just how similar it actually is to Gilmore Girls, but colour us intrigued.

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