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The Powerful Short Film Anyone With COVID-19 Anxiety Should Watch

The Irish short film The Phoenix has garnered some 70,000 views since it was posted online on Saturday.

"Together We Will Rise Again. Stay Safe. Stay Home."

The Phoenix – a three-minute short film produced by Dublin creative agency The Tenth Man detailing hope in a crisis – has received an overwhelmingly emotional response since its conception this weekend.

Amassing some 70,000 views over 24 hours, the piece details the sacrifices we are making in this trying time, while also reassuring us that this too, will pass. 

The script, penned by The Tenth Man Chief Copywriter Sarah Coffey, focuses on the narrative of intrinsic Irishness, ensuring that what is in us will be enough to survive. 

“Social distancing is really difficult, but it’s a sacrifice we’re making for the sake of those we love, as well as those we don’t know," Coffey says. 

"It’s empathy, played out on a mass scale. The Phoenix is a message of hope, joy, resilience, and appreciation to everyone who is playing their part. It’s a reminder that though we’re not there yet, one day this will be over - and how amazing that day will be."

The piece is narrated softly by Irish actor Eva-Jane Gaffney (The Lobster and Sing Street).

"Sarah’s script pulled at my heartstrings from the first time I read it and became more powerful with each read," she said. 

"[I was] delighted to lend a voice to this piece."

To coincide with the launch of The Phoenix, The Tenth Man also collaborated with acclaimed Irish signwriter Cormac Dillion of Mack Signs to create a hand-painted mural in Dublin’s Smithfield.  

The mural features the message ’Together We Will Rise Again’.

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