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UL Gender-Neutral Bathrooms To Be Stocked With Sanitary Products

The Any Time of the Month scheme will come into effect this week.

The University of Limerick is heralding the eradication of period poverty with its latest move, which has confirmed that all gender-neutral bathrooms in the university will be stocked with sanitary products. 

Any Time of the Month, founded by Clodagh Guerin, will help provide feminine hygiene products to those who can’t access them.

The initiative came about after she read that the issue was being put before the Dail.

Speaking to she spoke of how it’s something that’s so overdue.

‘…The issue of free sanitary product would come up, but some self-righteous person would be like ‘it’s way too expensive, it’s never gonna happen’ and then the kind of reason I think it needs to happen is because it’s way too expensive.’ 

‘… How it was broken down to me is like if it’s a Wednesday evening and you get paid on Thursday, and you have a fiver in your account, and you have to choose between getting a packed of pads or tampons and your dinner,’ she explained. 

Much like the Homeless Period project, Anytime of the Month works on a donation basis. This means that people can help by sharing and liking their Facebook page, and by donating feminine hygiene products.

“In the next few weeks we’re gonna be setting up drop off points around campus," Guerin told

"So one of them will be my office in the Foundation Building for the next few weeks that’s gonna be one, another office will be in the Engineering Research Building, hopefully there’ll be a few more dotted around the campus that will be easy reach.”

For more information, check out their Facebook page here

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