There are still a number of undecided voters who will have a big impact on tomorrow\'s referendum

There are still a number of undecided voters who will have a big impact on tomorrow's referendum

Between the ardent YES and definite NO voters lies the fate of the outcome of this referendum. Craig is 28 and from Dublin and in the next 24 hours will make up his mind about which way he'll vote. 

I'm battling the pros and cons almost every night in bed.
I genuinely do want to repeal the 8th for lots of legitimate reasons, there are so many harrowing and heartbreaking stories that justify a yes vote. 
However, I'm finding it so hard to agree with the legislation proposed. 
For example I would find it so much easier if it was 8 weeks. There wouldn't be a question in my mind, a 100% yes. Maybe this is because in the past friends and family have shown me scans at 10, 11, 12 weeks and announced "we're having a baby". Black and White. It's there. It's real. It's life.
We have a huge mental health issue in this country, so big our health system is completely unable to deal with it. I worry in a time of a crisis pregnancy a woman just wouldn't get the support she needs to help her through; that instead, a termination may seem like one of her only options. 
I almost wish this referendum wasn't just a simplistic yes or no. I would like some input on how it's legislated afterwards because too often our government gets it wrong.
I know I'm not alone on the fence. I'm friends with people who wear yes badges to avoid conflict. There's been times during this campaign I've felt bullied from yes supporters for having the slightest concerns, like I'm a monster for not wholeheartetly agreeing with them. Even the language on posters is aggressive 'STOP POLICING OUR BODIES' - I didn't think I was?
The No side has been equally aggressive, with made up nonsense and vile posters outside hospitals and the like. I've never been asked horrific questions like 'Do you think it right for a woman to be raped and be forced to carry the rapists baby?!' - Who would agree with that?
Whatever I vote for on Friday, you can be guaranteed I'm not in full agreement with what it represents, and I certainly wont be alone walking out of the polling station wondering if I've made the right decision. 
I think I'm on the side of yes, but I think the next 12 hours of calm from media will help clear everything up for me.