Winter Love Island May Not Be Happening Anymore

Love Island is reportedly being urged to reconsider its winter version in South Africa due to the rising violent crime rates.

Producers of the show are being asked to reconsider South Africa as a location, over the concerns of the safety of the contestants.

According to the Daily Star, the fate of the reality dating show – which is moving to two shows a year – is in producers' hands. 

South Africa has seen a sharp increase in violent crimes in recent months, including a spate of deadly xenophobic attacks that rocked Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Foreign workers in South Africa - the continent's second-largest economy after Nigeria - are often victims of anti-immigrant sentiment in a nation where almost one-third of people are unemployed. 

As recently as last week, two people were murdered when a mosque was looted and burned in central Johannesburg. 

The murders on September 8 came after more than a week of attacks—mostly by South Africans against migrants from other African countries—that had already led to ten deaths.

Claims of the show's potential cancelling come after news leaked that the show would need to have  ‘medics on standby’ in case any of the islanders encounter poisonous wildlife.

‘Health and safety experts will be specially drafted in to help look out for deadly snakes and other poisonous creepy-crawlies,’ a source told The Sun.

‘There will be a specialist medic on hand, too, so contestants can get urgent medical attention. This is a very different kettle of fish to filming in mainland Europe.’ 

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