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What Tonight's Wolf Moon Means For You And Your Sign

Pisces? Yeah, you're going to want to read this.

Astrologers, set your alarms, because there's set to be a stunning Full Wolf Moon in the sky this Friday, and it's going to be a sight to behold.

Less than two weeks into 2020, we’ll have the first eclipse of the decade. Tonight, January 10 we'll experience the first of 12 full moons in 2020 - at approximately 7:10 pm. This time, it's extra special (or extra worrying depending on how you see it) because it coincides with a penumbral lunar eclipse - which is when the sun, earth and moon are all imperfectly aligned. This means that the earth blocks some of the Sun's light from reaching the surface of the moon, thus covering part of the moon with its shadow and making it appear darker than normal.

In astrological terms, a "penumbral lunar eclipse" means that the moon is in line with the sun, making it pretty much invisible from Earth. Usually, this brings a time for self-improvement and renewed resolutions but because this full moon and lunar eclipse occur in Cancer, a sign known for strong emotions, a love of home, and being protective, it will instead help us see the whole picture and show us our own true truths. It brings a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and a time to really work on ourselves. 

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Maybe there's a promotion at work you're too scared to go for, maybe you've come across someone on Instagram and have been reluctant to slide into their DMs or maybe, you just want new designer shoes - whatever a new beginning means to you, this is the time to go for what you want.

Whatever you make a commitment to do on the new moon  – proceed with caution. Emotions will be intense. Keep the tissues close by and be kind to others. Even if they start in with arguments, don’t engage.

And while the full wolf moon in January 2020 will affect every sign, Leo, Libra and Pisces are the most likely to feel it.

Keep your wits about you, folks, my fellow moon enthusiasts, this Wolf Moon could bring about exciting change, but only if you let it.

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