Girls just wanna have... fun?

Women feel more excited about facing their first Valentine's Day after their divorces, according to a new survey, which also reveals that the majority of men who got divorced during last year still feel angry or lonely ahead of 14 February.

The survey, conducted by NextLove – Europe’s largest social dating network for divorced and single parents – questioned 3,462 single people who are currently registered on the dating platform over the past six months. 

These answers allowed them to take note of how the majority of men who got divorced less than a year ago feel angry (35%) or lonely (33%) when thinking about the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

On the other hand, most women who also got divorced recently, feel excited (36%) about making other plans for that special date.

“Women are genuinely more positive and stronger than men when it comes to loneliness," founder and CEO of NextLove Sigurd Vedal believes.

"Men are more used to having partners on their sides who make their lives easier. And when they don’t have a partner, they feel more vulnerable”.

However, for another high percentage of divorced women who recently got back to online dating, 'lonely' is the feeling that describes best how they feel about Valentine’s Day.

Being back to the dating scene does not mean they will certainly be asked out on Valentine’s Day, so that’s why perhaps 18% of them mentioned the word 'disappointment' about this date.

The remaining 5% are maybe still angry at their exes, so Valentine’s Day will just be a bad day for them.

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