In 2017, there were 105 complaints while there were just 11 in 2016.

107 complaints were made against bloggers and influencers for flouting advertising rules in 2018, according to

A stark warning was issued by the State watchdog early last year which aimed to pursue a zero-tolerance policy of naming and shaming social media influencers who do not adhere to specific guidelines. 

New figures show that there were over 100 complaints made about bloggers to the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) in 2018, all relating to unidentified advertisements and the posting of misleading content. 

The ASAI guidance note for bloggers specifically asks them to flag marketing content with identifiers of #Ad or #Sp.

In June 2018, the ASAI has made the landmark decision to uphold a complaint made against blogger/influencer Rosie Connolly.

The complaint is in relation to a photo posted by both Rosie Connolly and Rimmel Ireland, in which Connolly advertised wearing Rimmel foundation.

In the photo in question, Rosie used photo filters to darken her skin tone leading to the complaint about misrepresenting the end product of the foundation she was advertising.

The photo was taken by Connolly, who applied the photo filter, and sent it to Rimmel Ireland, who approved the photo and shared it on their own social media profiles.

In the complaint filed to the ASAI, the complainant says "Rosie Connolly’s face had been filtered and photoshopped.

"She considered that people may purchase the Rimmel Foundation thinking they would achieve the same results if they used the product but as the image had been altered this would not be the case."

In the response from the ASAI, they say that Connolly upheld "that Rimmel had approved the images which she had forwarded to them, therefore, the complaint should be addressed to them."

The advertisers said the post was not intended to mislead and they had removed it because it did not reflect their values as a brand.

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