Liner Up: How To Go About Eyeliner When You Can't Do Eyeliner

Top tips for (almost) perfect flicks
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Top tricks for (almost) perfect flicks.

If you haven't been graced by a steady hand or an ever on-hand team of make-up artists, here are ways you can totally wing your winged liner. 

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Will we ever learn?

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Try A Gel 

Getting a super-sharp line might be a life ambition, but it might help to start with something less smudgy than liquid liner, like a gel.

Try drawing the gel liner out to the end of your lash line, then, using a cotton bud, pull it from the outer corner (where your lash line ends) up and out into a little flick.

Once you have the rough shape, you can always make it bolder by going back over with a liquid liner. 

Map It Out With Dots Do The Top Line 

Imagine the place at which, if you extended your eyeliner from the top and the bottom lashes, they would naturally meet at a point.

That’s where you want your wing to end. Mark this point with a dot, on both sides of your eyes with your eyeliner, to check they’re even.

Then take a creamy pencil and run it along the roots of your top lashes, extending out until you meet the dot. 

Do The Top Line 

If your eye shape is hooded (where the crease of your eye is hidden when your eyes are open), try looking straight into the mirror with your eyes open when applying your eyeliner.

This will allow you to see exactly where the liner will actually sit.

To stop your eyeliner from disappearing beneath the crease, apply your liner a little bit above your natural lash line to make it visible, it gives the illusion of a winged-out flick when you have your eyes open. 

 Blend It Out 

If in doubt, always blend it out. A soft, smoked-out eyeliner is a great way to give the appearance of a cat-eye look without needing that steady hand.

Take an eyeshadow that's a similar tone to your liner and 'buff it out' to give a more smoky effect. 

Oh and always keep some cotton buds on hand! Even the most steady-handed can have their off day!

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girls can do anything.

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