If We Were Trapped On A Desert Island And Could Only Choose One Beauty Product, This Is What We'd Pick

Sure, the thought of being stranded in a desert is a little frightening - but the thought of being stranded without our beauty kit? That's the stuff of nightmares.

11 Cool Dresses To Combat This Clammy Weather

Dressing for this clammy weather is becoming something of an art form...

A Grownup Project: Rewilding Your Garden

Skipping the lawn-mowing never felt so good

Why Ginger Is The Health (And Skin) Hero You Need In Your Life

Note: if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, chat to your doctor first.

you glow girl

A-Beauty Is Bringing It's A-Game To Save Your Face

We're sure you have a cousin who can send you some products in the post...

What To Wear This Weekend, According To Instagram

I see it. I like it. I want it. I double tap.

Scared of Flying? Read This.

Aerophobia - noun: fear or strong dislike of flying

Sparkle Responsibly With These Sustainable Glitters

Taking the litter out of glitter...

Irish Tatler's Latest Podcast: The Sustainable Guide to Living, Part 2

"The one thing I've garnered from speaking to designers and industry experts alike is an overwhelming feeling of helplessness."

A Love Letter To Yoga, From Annie and Lee

Eat. Read This. Practice Yoga. Repeat

3 Epic Salad Dressings To Jazz Your Salad Jar

Saving both money and the planet is great for the old self-esteem, we find.

Let's Stop Feeling Guilty For Liking Reality TV?

Indulge it, embrace it, subscribe to it - do not feel guilty about it.

Saying Grace: Q&A With Singer/Songwriter Grace Carter

Don't Hurt Like It Used To is out now!

WIN! The Latest Carter Beauty Brow and Eyeshadow Palette For You & A Friend

If eyes are the windows to the soul then brows are the window dressing...

14 Glittery, Rainbow-y Ways To Support LGBTQ+ Rights This Pride

Consider this the ultimate Pride shopping guide...

5 Places To Get Your Burger* Fix In Dublin

Our favourite burger joints in the capital.

The Best Apps To Help You Live More Sustainably

Use Your Screen To Help You Go Green

What Is Climate Anxiety + How To Go About Soothing It

You don’t have to deny the facts, nor do you need to be blindly optimistic

6 Places To Visit In France That Aren't Paris

France is always a good idea...

Irish Tatler

Irish Tatler's Latest Podcast: The Sustainable Guide to Living, Part 1

"Everybody says they're doing it, very few people actually are doing it. Those that are doing it are doing it badly."

Read it - Best Books To Dive Into This Summer

Get ahead for Book Club season

How To Wear A Satin Slip Skirt In Summer

When I die, bury me in a slip skirt.

Confessions Of A Guilty Vegan...

When living your 'best life' takes you away from being your best vegan

Every Action Has Reaction And Remembering 'Her'

Everyone now has to be held accountable for their actions in ending rape culture

Summertime Sipping: The New Tom Collins

Making rainy days summer friendly...

Adults Can Play Dress Up Too: The Fleetwood Mac Edition

Essentially a love letter to my rock fairy godmother: Stevie Nicks

12 Father's Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

Remind him who his favourite child is...

Rejina Pyo SS\'19

The Lazy-Girl's Guide To A More Sustainable Wardrobe

All the consciousness, less of the effort

6 Places To Visit In Portugal That Aren't Lisbon

What was once Europe’s best-kept secret is a secret no longer...

When Green Goes Luxe: Alberta Ferretti's 'Love Me' Collection

Proving sustainability and luxury can be friends...

Looking For Your Dream Wedding Dress? You’ll Find It At Patrick Casey

"A bride, at first sight, must be seen for her beauty alone, the dress second."

What Counts As Micro-Cheating + When You Need To Draw The Line

Get the ruler out, this is about to get technical

These High Waisted Bikinis Are Enough To Kill Off The One Piece Forever

Hiding your belly button has never been so chic

WIN! A Two-Night Stay At The Picturesque BrookLodge & Macreddin Village

Wedding venues don’t get much more perfect than this.

Gird Your Loins, Charlotte Tilbury Just Launched A Second Wave Of Her Hot Lips Line

“Lipstick is HAPPINESS in a tube!” Charlotte Tilbury

Question: What Are Sustainable Fabrics Made From?

Surely, it can't all just be hemp

Why The World of Sport Still Isn't A Level Playing Field For Women

Let's get this straight, male is not the default setting.

Go Green Or Go Home: 4 Easy Ways To Practice Sustainable Living

Inspiring us all to live greener, cleaner lives

Face Fermenting: The 411 on Probiotic Skincare

Who knew bacteria in our bathroom would ever be a good thing?

Blue Jeans Go Green: A Guide To Sustainable Jeans

Flattering denim that doesn't cost the Earth.

Not To Be Dramatic But Your Job Is Trying To Kill You...

You're sitting at the desk of death.

How to Recycle Your Old Cosmetics

Far easier than you'd think.

Brid O\'Connell, CEO of Guaranteed Irish

Striking A Balance - Career Advice from Brid O'Connell, CEO at Guaranteed Irish

We chatted with Guaranteed Irish CEO Brid O'Connell about how she gets is all done, her work philosophy, and how she achieves that elusive work-life balance.  

The Dublin Restaurant Setting The Standard For Sustainability

"For us it’s about making small changes to reduce our own impact on the world around us."

The Pre-Loved Market Is Becoming Bigger Than Fast Fashion

Fast fashion looks to have lost its lustre.

The Rise Of The Sustainable Influencer

Because if you're going to spend time scrolling and tapping, you might as well learn more about how you can save the planet while you're at it.

What Exactly Is A Circular Economy And How Can It Save The Planet?

The way we design and make things is changing.

Sinéad Burke Graces The Junior Cert

She said she would "love to read the answers".

Niamh Algar and Helen Behan: Meet the Irish Stars of The Virtues

“Personally, I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” actor Stephen Graham told

Bikes, Eating Local and Bamboo: A Guide to Travelling Sustainably This Summer

Today, global tourism accounts for almost 10% of all carbon emissions, meaning the planet has never needed its globetrotters to be more green when they travel.

6 Steps To Beautiful, Glowing Summer Skin (Before You Hit The Beach)

Say hello to gorgeous skin – in just a few simple steps!

Apple Has Gone Period-Friendly

The new feature's announcement was met with raucous applause.

I've Just Got One Big Question After Binging 'What/If'

And no, it's not - "how can I get those 10 hours back?"

Miley Cyrus a Bonafide Gen Z Role Model

“Going out doesn’t make you a bad person, just like going to church doesn’t make you a good person.”

How You Can Help Ireland's Major Air Pollution Problem

The last air monitoring point in the North Inner City was closed down by the EPA last year.

Have You Heard of #KuToo?

The petition seeks to end gender discrimination and “make it easier for everyone to work, creating a working environment free from unnecessary burdens.”

Is Sugar the Root of Your Anxiety?

Put down that doughnut...

What to Wear This Weekend, According to Zara

If anyone is going to know...

Trending This Month: Summer (!!!)

From what to binge on Netflix to what to eat and's how to spend June

Ellie Balfe On Curating Her Feed For Integrity + Realness

Hashtag blessed is flying high, but hashtag reality isn't so hot.

The Woman Mixing Cultures for All-Rounded Education

"It can't just be work, work, work – you lose your creativity!"

The Surprising Fashion Fabric You Didn’t Think Would Work in Summer

Proving knitwear shouldn’t be reserved for winter

What To Do This Bank Holiday Weekend

Haven't you heard? Staying in is the new going out...

The Rise of The Tipsy Shopper

"As Ariana quite lyrically summed it up, 'I see it. I like it. I want it. I got it,' and no-one is immune, especially those who are a little tipsy."

In Defence of Online Dating...

If it’s good enough for Halle Berry...

The 2019 F&W Awards: Nominate Now!

Closing date for nominations is in two weeks.

WIN! The Ultimate Tailored Suit, Courtesy of Benetti Menswear

Dressing the part made easy with a €500 voucher from Benetti

Netflix is Standing up For Abortion Rights

Georgia’s “heartbeat bill” follows the recent uproar surrounding Alabama’s newly passed abortion law.

The Women Leading The Charge on Powering Down

"This summer we are blending the old and the new."

How to Pack Your Suitcase Marie Kondo-Style

Every good holiday starts with good packing

Burnout is Officially a Diagnosable Condition

Symptoms include feelings of increased mental distance from one’s job and reduced professional efficacy.

Why It's Now More Important Than Ever Before That Your Kids Wear SPF

38% of children in Dublin are not always protected by sun lotion or protective spray when outdoors

The Conductor Paving the Way For Young Virtuosoi

If you can't see it, you can't be it.

How #Gift Saved My Self-Esteem

Fashion, no frills.

CICA, The Skin Nutrient You Never Knew You Needed

The best part being, you get to just lie there while it does all the work

5 Ways To Embrace the Brows You’ve Got

Faking it doesn't always mean making it

Introducing, NCAD's Fashion Class of 2019

Heather Gilroy’s collection claimed this year's Brown Thomas ‘Designer To Watch’ bursary

Sunshine State: The T&Cs Of Getting Your Vitamin D

One in eight people are vitamin D deficient in Ireland

The Secrets of a Woman Who Smells Good For a Living

"I love the poetic side of perfumery, and how it allows me to tell a story through the perfume itself."

The Spice Girls' Tour Costumes Were Made By a Limerick Man

"I will never forget this experience and I am so proud to be a part of something so ICONIC."

Forget Everything You Know About Fashion, Tie-Dye Is Here

Once the trademark of flower crown wearing, Woodstock goers...tie-dye is back.

Would You Trust a Chatbot Doc to Diagnose Your Symptoms?

Hey Siri, Why Do I Have A Temperature?

'Now For Northern Ireland' Projections Grace Buildings Across UK and Ireland

"We say very clearly today - the North is next.”

Looking Back on REPEAL, One Year On

Together For Yes says it will continue to campaign on Ireland’s abortion legislation one year on.

10 of the Realest and Coolest Mum Blogs on the Internet

Instamums; influmums; MOIs - whatever you call them, mum bloggers are the best kind of bloggers.

Zara Timeless Collection

This New Zara Collection Feels V. Old Celine

Really expensive looking, but really affordable

Sinéad Burke Creates the World's First Little Person Mannequins

Just this month, Burke became the first little person to walk the pink carpet at the Met Gala.

Grown Ups Can Play Dress Up Too: The Spice Girls Edition

When one attends a Spice Girl concert, one can never be Too Much

Beat Burnout with This Expert Advice

The general malaise of burnout affects us all.

Why Do Career Ceilings Still Exist for Women?

"When looking at comparisons between male and female respondents, the study noted that 34 is the age when the career growth trajectory declines for women."

Both Amy Schumer And Prince Harry Returned Early To Work Post-Baby But Only One Was Shamed, Why?

Surely, being a new parent is hard enough without judgement – regardless of whether you're the mum or the dad. 

Ralph Lauren's Pride Campaign is More Than Just Pretty

It’s almost that time of year when rainbow flags decorate the entire city: Pride!

Live + Unplugged: Our Guide to Powering Down

Cultivate the attitude to begin the slowdown and learn to relax.

Girl Crew CEO: Elva Carri on Making Smart Digital Choices

“What you post online speaks VOLUME about who you really are. POST with intention. REPOST with caution.” - Germany Kent.

Jodie Wood Irish Tatler

Packing the Perfect Carry-On, With Jodie Wood

She's a seasoned packing professional at this point

Justin Bieber Really Wants You to Wear Natural Deodorant

The budding Instagram poet has branched out.

Lacoste Swaps Its Trademark Crocodile for Endangered Animals

Creating 3,520 polo shirts for each of the 3,520 specimens estimated to be left in the wild.

WATCH: The Downton Abbey Movie Gets a Trailer

PLUS: Everything you need to know about the upcoming film

6 Standout Sandal Trends That Will See You Through Summer

Essentially a dissertation on 2019's sandal trends...

Forest Bathing is The Self-Care Movement of the Moment

It doesn’t matter how fit – or unfit – you are. Shinrin-yoku is suitable for any level of slothery.

GOT x Drag Race: Maisie Williams Confirmed as UK Guest Judge

"The world doesn't just let girls decide what they want to be. But I can now."

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Post

It's time for an Insta Q&A with yourself

How to Go About Starting Your 'Runaway Fund' As Per Sam Barry's Advice

The updated equivalent of saving for a rainy day – and many women are getting on board.

The Grey Area of Social Media and Armchair Activism

"You're either with us or against us. On this bandwagon or off."

Luca Guadagnino’s New TV Series Has Serious Call Me By Your Name Vibes

The drama will consist of eight, hour-long episodes – with Guadagnino directing the first two instalments and the finale.

A Cannabis Oil Shop Has Opened in Ireland

Plant Farmacy said it expects to create 60 jobs within the next 18 months.

What's With Our Modern Obsession With Being Productive?

In today's always-on world, employees crave any quick-fix that promises a chance at regaining control over their time.

Moringa is The New Magic Superfood

Sainsbury’s has just named the nutrient-dense tree as one of the future foods of the world.

The Skinny on Nootropics – 2019's Latest Wellness Trend

The million dollar question is of course, do they actually work?

Parenting, Unfiltered: 'The House Always Wins'

"Nothing, NOTHING has prepared me for the arrival of the tweenager in my life."

How the Internet Made Astrology Hot Again

The internet changed astrology, then came the memes.

Skincare Soul Searching

When aesthetics meets ethics....

Sophie White Says: Easy, Fresh Baked Doughnuts Are Your New Brunch Bae

The Tastemaker is declaring war on boujee weekend brunches in favour of a classic indulgence.

'One Mile Wear' is Lazy Perfection

Functionality is the word.

Calvin Klein Casts Trans Model as Part of New Campaign

"Deconstructing white supremacy & colonial Heteronormative patriarchy & Gender violence In #MYCALVINS".

The Latest Netflix Drop Proves Every Rom-Com Needs More Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves should star in everything, FACT.

Gucci Under Fire Once Again for Cultural Appropriation

"Using fake Sikhs/Turbans is worse than selling fake Gucci products."

Strike A Pose: Q&A With Photographer Evan Doherty

On why his P30 Pro is becoming his new weapon of choice...

Barbie Has Won a Fashion Award

Barbie will collect her award (unlikely in person, though watch this space) on 3 June.

Britney Won't Work Again Until her Mental Health Improves

Weeks into the “Free Britney” movement, Larry Rudolph has made a decision based on the singer's wellbeing.

This Dublin City Hotel is the Last Word in City Luxury

An undeniable charm that is quintessentially elegant...

YSL, Gucci and More to Stop Hiring Underage Models

They're hoping to encourage others to follow suit.

Cannes Film Festival Under Fire for Harsh Treatment of a Young Mother

"As if female filmmakers needed further obstacles to equality in our industry,"

5 Ways to Style Your NEXT Summer Wardrobe with Sarah Macken

Lightweight fabrics, ditzy prints and easy silhouettes

Right Now, the Trendiest Nail Polish Colour Is ‘All of Them’

Can't decide on what colour? Choose them all.

Northern Ireland's Abortion Laws are Actually Stricter than Alabama's

The UK’s Abortion Act 1967 was never applied in Northern Ireland.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

A Case Against Being 'Always On'

Do you even realise that you're burning out?

The New Gen of Designer Bags

If I never see another saddle bag again, it'll be too soon.

EXPLAINER: Upcoming Elections... What You Need To Know

Very simple concepts totally wrapped up in jargon. We're here to help.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Effects of Blue Light

wtf is blue light, and why is it giving me wrinkles?

Sally Rooney Has Won the Book of the Year Award

Despite Michelle Obama’s biography selling 253% more copies, Rooney scooped the biggest prize of the night.

The New Face of Burberry? Gigi Hadid x4

Why have one Gigi when you could have four?

Sex Gets Better as You Get Older, Apparently

Also, the age that women really got to know themselves is closer to 40.

A History Lesson for the Social Media Generation

The story of a young Jewish girl’s life is being chronicled on social media to teach young people about WWII genocide.

Harassment and Stalking Legislation to go Before Dáil

Anyone who feels harassed by persistent contact could seek an order.

Alexa, Make Me Pretty

Not a hipster, just a technophobe.

Why Do We Compare On Social Media?

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel." - Steve Furtick

When Rixo Goes French...

The only thing cooler than Rixo, A French Gal x Rixo collaboration

Is Your Phone Damaging Your Posture?

Do you suffer from iPosture?

A Guide to Thunder Therapy: This Year's Wellness Trend

You don't have to sleep outside to feel the benefits

"I Thrive on Being Uncomfortable", Sam Barry Shares

On dealing with negativity, actually switching off and building a community over networking.

Alexa, Please Stop Recording Me.

She's been eavesdropping this entire time...

Meghan Markle is Saving the Royal Family

The royal baby will likely be raised a feminist, with his parents trying their best to avoid gender stereotypes.

Greta Thunberg is Releasing a Book of Her Speeches

“My name is Greta Thunberg. I am 16 years old. I come from Sweden. And I speak on behalf of future generations."

Samantha Barry for Irish Tatler

Listen: In Conversation with Samantha Barry, Our June Cover Star

From Co. Cork to the lofty heights of Condé Nast

Are Typos Camp?

How do you spell invented again?

The City of Murals Adds Lyra McKee to its Walls

The piece depicts words uttered by the late journalist, “It won’t always be like this. It’s going to get better.”

#WhatNursesWear: Nurses of Twitter Respond to "Sexist" Guinness World Records Rules

When, outside of Halloween, was the last time you saw a nurse in a skirt?

Why RuPaul Opted out of Drag for the Met Gala 2019 Red Carpet

Two previous winners of Drag Race were at the event: Violet Chachki and Aquaria.

Why Frank Ocean's Met Gala Look Was Anything But "Boring"

Zigging while everyone else zags, that's Camp.

Images: Instagram @monikh

Why 'Ugly' Sandals Are Here To Replace Your Ugly Trainers For Summer

No longer just the preserve of tourists and adventure-type dads

Tinder 'Festival Mode' Now Exists for Summer Loving

In a finding that will surprise no one, Tinder says that activity on the app typically skyrockets during musical festivals.

From Ancient Egypt To AOC and Everything In Between: Here's A Brief History of Red Lipstick

"If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack." - Coco Chanel

What You Need to Know About the Divorce Referendum

Including how to make sure that you're registered to vote.

Gucci Lipsticks are Coming in Hot

The New Lipsticks Collection launches on 4 May.

Topshop's Latest Drop Is Rife With Nostalgia

Time to unleash your inner Tina from S-Club...again

Meet the Sustainable Trainers Made Out of Apples

In 2018 alone, the brand recycled 1,500 pairs of shoes.

Why SPF Needs To Protect More Than Just Our Skin This Summer

Reef-safe sunscreen needs to be high on our packing priority list...

Facebook Has Entered The Dating Game

Panicked introverts rejoice.

Trending This Month: A May To Remember

From what to binge on Netflix to what to eat and's how to spend May

Revenge Porn and Upskirting to be Criminalised in Ireland

Government officials will meet in Cork today.

The Rude Astrology App You'll be Hooked on

"A horoscope app personalized to exactly the time and place you were born, built by two Scorpios, four Pisces, & a Leo."

Indecisiveness, But Make It Fashion

There's a new hemline in town...

Sports Illustrated Photographs Their First Hijabi Rookie

Since making her runway debut in 2017, Aden has used her career to change perceptions about women who dress modestly for religious reasons.

An Instagram Girl's Guide to Paris

I don't do it for the 'gram, I do it for Paris

Is CBD Oil Just Another Crutch For Our Collective Anxiety?

Legitimately transformative? Or just trendy?

ASOS's Legitimacy is Questioned Following Clip Scandal

The follows the recent praise ASOS received for their pioneering role in model diversity.

This Season's Hottest Fashion Trend? Nostalgia

Velour trackies and pukka necklaces, we hardly knew ye. 

'Curated Feminism' is Not Good Enough

“Girl take that money Nike just give and go get yourself waxed."

Sephora's Best Selling Eye Cream Just Landed in Ireland

You scream, eye cream, we all scream for eye cream.

Cara Delevingne Will Be Honoured With Award For Service To LGBTQ Youth

Past honorees of the Hero Award include Ryan Murphy and the cast of Pose, Lena Waithe, Arianna Huffington, and Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds.

The 9 High Street Pieces Everyone Is Buying, According To Instagram

We're saying High-de-High to these trends...

Have We Learned Nothing Since 2007?

One in every ten Irish citizens is currently taking antidepressants.

Something Old, Something New - A Millennial's Guide To Superfoods

What's stirring the woke millennial's pot?

Meet the New Glossier that Promises Not to Break You Out

"We create products made for wherever you’re at in life, be it amazing, messy, or somewhere in-between."

In Defence of Madonna

Where were the same calls to "chill out" and "act your age" for Bowie?

The Ouai has Launched a Pale Skin Must-Have

"Because we are constantly having the conversation with our community, it was a natural next step to move into the body space," Atkin tells Allure.

The Career Advice the Irish Tatler Team Want You to Know

Ever want to pester the people whose articles you read about their job? Now you can. 

Death of Lyra McKee Should Mark New Beginning, Priest Says

“I plead with you to take the road of non-violence to achieve your political ends."

Is Reverse Psychology the Key to Personal Success?

While a painful boss or sexist lecturer may not secretly want you to react on their rudeness in the form of a perfect score – is it their indecency that lights a fire in the belly of those deceived?

Greta Thunberg Tells UK Politicians to 'Listen to Climate Scientists'

"Listen to the science, listen to the scientists. Invite them to talk."

Highstreet Heroes: The Perfect Sustainable White Trainers

Once considered naff, sustainable sneakers now boast sleekness and luxury in equal measure.

Why the Beauty World is Trippin' on Mushrooms

Welcome to a new and slightly confusing kind of foraging...

How Not to Get Caught Out by 'Greenwashing'

The power is with the consumer.

Samantha Barry on Anna Wintour, MET Gala and Imposter Syndrome at IT Rebrand Launch

Glamour's editor-in-chief Samantha Barry was the guest of honour at the Irish Tatler rebrand launch, which aims to represent a place at the table for all Irish women.

The High Street Beauty Buys Your Face Needs To Know About

High street beauty - the store next door of the rom-com world

Irish Male Models to Follow on Instagram

Algorithm waits for no man.

Meet the High Street Blazer Taking Over the World

...and when we say world, we mean Instagram

What on Earth is Modest Fashion?

Fashion is often an extension of the cultural conversation, and today there are more options than ever for dressing modestly.

The High Street Underdogs: 7 Brands to Shop When You're Bored of the Same Old Stores

There's more to the high street than H&M and Zara y'know...

Together for Yes Activists Named on Time Magazine's Most Influential People List

"They put the experiences of women and the needs of their country first."

Greta Thunberg Urges EU to Think about Climate Change like Notre Dame

“Notre Dame will be rebuilt”, Thunberg told MEPs, “I hope its foundations are strong, I hope ours are even stronger.”

In Defence Of The Middle Child

Does going against societal grain actually work in our favour?

All The Products Rihanna Used To Create That Technicolour Dream Face

Can't decide on an eyeshadow shade? No problem.

Roses in front of Notre Dame

Why We Care About The Burning Of Notre Dame

Notre Dame de Paris was more than just another tourist attraction.

The All-Encompassing Power Of Female Friendship

Are other women really a girl's best friend?

The 6 Red Lipsticks I Always Reach For

Red lipstick: all the versatility of beauty's Swiss army knife with none of the functionality.

Highstreet Heroes: The Perfect White Tee

Whether liberatingly loose and airy or cut to flatter – nothing gives off the air of nonchalance like a perfect white tee.

Why One Should Never Underestimate Kim Kardashian West

Does the backlash from her latest move say more about us than it does about her?

The New Bond Script is Now in the Hands of Phoebe Waller-Bridge

This is the second time a woman has been enlisted to develop the script for the male-focused series that has been appearing on the big screen for half a century.

5 Easy Ways to Ensure Every Day is a Good Hair Day

After all, your hair counts as 90% of your selfie...

Amanda Byram's Surprising Take on Wellness

"I carry around a 3-litre bottle of water with me – people laugh, but I really don't care!"

My Holy Grail Products For Knotty, Bleached Hair

Because no one deserves split ends.

Here's How Small Your Carbon Footprint Has To Be To Save The Planet

Next generation must keep their own carbon levels at a fraction of their grandparents’ in order to prevent catastrophe.

The Endless Empowerment Of A Digital Life

Never before has our creativity felt so understood.

Valene Kane Plays An Alpha Female In New Legal Drama

The female-centric story airs this week.

Ariana Grande Is Generation Z's Guardian Angel

Channeling all the strife into a growing list of undeniable pop anthems like "no tears left to cry" and "breathin," Grande has opened up about her struggles while creating a balm to soothe them.

South Korea Has Ruled Its 66-Year-Old Abortion Law Unconstitutional

Until recently, abortion carried little of the emotional or religious significance in South Korea that it does in many Western countries.

Are the Royal Family to Blame For the Pressure Women Feel to Look Presentable After Child Birth?

A recent study has found that women apply makeup just two and a half hours after giving birth

nailed it

6 Fast Drying Nail Polishes For When You're Feeling Impatient

Because you've got better things to do than wait for your nails to dry...

ft. weekday jeans

Shop Zalando, Sustainably

"Look good and feel good by making ethical choices."

Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

Our Editor On: Soft Power

The fierce (and soft) women behind Irish Tatler have been exploring some power plays of our own...

The state-of-the-art Ori-Derm facility in Bray

Ori-Derm Celebrates Ten Years Of Skincare Research - In Co Wicklow!

The female-led team is an industry leader when it comes to skincare

WIN! A Two Night Stay At Aloft Dublin City Hotel

Need a staycation? We're giving away a luxurious trip for two in Dublin's hottest new hotel

China Will No Longer Require Animal Testing On Cosmetic Products

The Chinese government has announced that, by 2020, long-contested laws that deemed animal testing compulsory will finally be lifted.

Optional Gender Listing On Birth Certificates Has Been Granted In Tasmania

Transgender advocates welcome the reform as a vital step towards inclusivity. 

It\'s all about skin

Over 20,000 People Joined A Waiting List For This No7 Launch

The hotly anticipated new additions to the No7 Laboratories line have just arrived

An Anti-Abortion Propaganda Film Is Building Success In The US

Ted Cruz, Mike Pence and Donald Trump Jr are all fans. 

Reusable Water Bottles Really Are That Important

Indifference is no longer acceptable. 

H&M Continues To Champion Sustainability With Vintage Clothing Sales

The true cost of fashion is getting far more reasonable. 

UL Gender-Neutral Bathrooms To Be Stocked With Sanitary Products

The Any Time of the Month scheme will come into effect this week.

Is 'Dressing For Your Age' Just Another Form Of Misogyny?

Finally, another reason to worship Jane Fonda. 

Making The Most Of Your Lashes Is As Easy As One, Two, Three

I am no expert... I just have a lot of time on my hands.

Donald Glover And Rihanna's Film Has A Release Date

There hasn’t been any promo for the movie, but some stealth marketing appears to be underway.

Luxury French skincare

WIN! Hero Skincare From Luxury French Brand Lierac Paris

France is home to more than a few excellent skincare brands and Lierac Paris is a frontrunner for one of the most luxurious.

all that glitters

5 Liquid Eyeshadows That Won't Crease. Promise.

It's time to break up with your palettes.

RuPaul Will Host His Own Talk Show

The once-dubbed 'Queen of Manhattan' is taking to television, once again. 

London's New Pollution Charge Kicks In Today

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has come into force in central London.

Everything You Need To Know About Bumble's New Magazine

App-users have the chance to get a copy free – while supplies last. 

Hermes AW18

Are You Too Polite To Get Ahead in Your Career?

It's nice to be nice, but work guru Davina Greene says: make sure you're not being so polite that you're holding yourself back. 

The More the Merrier: The "Curated Ear" Trend

The best jewellery brands to shop for your next piercing addition!

So, You Bought A Jade Roller, Now What?

Does the mysterious tool really deserve a place in your beauty cabinet?

Brie Larson's Directorial Debut Is Now On Netflix

The charming modern fairytale is already generating hype. 

Lululemon Is Launching A Self-Care Beauty Line

Canadian sportswear label Lululemon, best known for its yoga pants, is venturing into the cosmetics industry. 

Cliona Brennan and Niamh O\'Sullivan

An Evening with Seedlip

The Grayson was the venue for a special dinner curated by Lens & Larder

Amal Clooney Appointed As Special UK Envoy On Media Freedom

“I will do everything possible to help journalists to work in safety.”

The Dublin Pride Parade Will Return To O'Connell Street In 2019

Over 7,000 people from 150 groups will lead this year’s parade and march.

Red alert

Our Pick Of This Week's Beauty New Launches

It's been a busy week on the Irish Tatler beauty desk, with colour, skincare and body treats aplenty. 

Irish Designer Jonathan Anderson Appointed To V&A Board

Anderson officially started his position on 4 February and will hold the position until 2023.

Follow up, would you take a fridge shelfie?

Mini Fridges For Your Skincare Products Are A Thing, But Do You Really Need One?

Because maybe your eye cream shouldn't chill next to your lunchbox of leftovers...

The Countries With The Highest Tampon Tax Have Been Revealed

Period poverty affects one in four women. 

Headscarves And Turbans Now Permitted As Part Of Garda Uniform

The move is aimed at increasing the recruitment of ethnic minorities into the force.

Chicago's Incoming Mayor Is A Black, Gay Woman

Lori Lightfoot was elected into office in a historic vote. 

Backlog Of 79,500 Slides In Cervical Check Programme

According to the HSE, it can take up to 33 weeks for reports to be provided.

Aoibheann McCaul and Sinead Harrington

IT Cosmetics' Mother's Day Lunch

An afternoon to celebrate mums and take a peek at some new beauty launches

everything you need to know

Schools In Ireland Are Set To Remove Their Catholic Ethos, Here's What That Means

The Government has pledged to introduce at least 400 multi-denominational schools in Ireland by 2030.

There\'s good and bad news

ASOS Has Changed Their Return Policy To Support Sustainable Fashion

Here's how it'll affect you going forward...

The Cork author has had a rollercoaster 2019

Cork Writer Caroline O’Donoghue Has Landed A Six-Figure Book Deal

There's another big Irish success in the book world!

The FIFA women\'s world cup takes place this summer

Boots Is To Sponsor The ROI and NI Women’s Football Teams

The much love high street name has agreed a three-year deal

T-minus two months till Summer...

Trending This Month: April Is No Joke

From what to binge on Netflix to what to eat and's how to spend April

The stage adaption of Louise O\'Neill\'s critically acclaimed novel was a huge success

Louise O’Neill’s Sell-Out Asking For It Is Coming Back To The Stage

The critically acclaimed play recently won a prestigious theatre award

need. now.

Topshop Just Dropped Its First Cult Item Of 2019

But bad news, it's already sold-out

More People Are Reporting Sexual Offences In Ireland Than Ever Before

298 more incidents were recorded in 2018 than in 2017.

Margaret Abrams and Morgan Hilberg at Conrad Dublin

A Taste of Luxury At Conrad Dublin

The 5 star Dublin hotel has created an afternoon tea that is a cut above

Fenty Beauty Removes Highlighter Shade Just Two Days After Being Labelled As Offensive

"Love Fenty, and this colour is GORGEOUS. I'm slightly uncomfortable with that name though" 

The brand is a cult name in France

WIN High performing skincare from natural cosmeceutical brand Novexpert

We're giving away a bundle of hero products from this cult French brand

Facebook Launches New Transparency Features Ahead Of EU Elections

Technical checks are to be used by the social network to confirm the identity and location of advertisers.

A CBD Oil Sheet Mask Now Exists

The so-called "Hermès of marijuana" is giving bigger brands a run for their money. 

You Can Now Buy Single Shades From Pat McGrath's Iconic Eyeshadow Palettes

Like collect-em-all pokemon cards but for adults

The Story Of Fake Heiress Scammer Anna Delvey Is Coming To Netflix

The 'socialite scammer' who allegedly stole $275,000 over a 10-month period is currently facing jail time. 

The Woman Responsible For Making Family Holidays Luxurious Again

“I was not one of those women who bounces out of a maternity ward in heels!”

Maximise your health

Why Ginger and Curcumin Are True Health Heroes

When it comes to supplementing your diet to boost health there are few things better than ginger and turmeric

Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix In April

Brie Larson's directorial debut and the new binge-watch Swedish crime drama are just two of the highlights

A Follow-Up TV Series To Sex And The City Is A Go

The new episodes will examine love and dating after 50. 

Only 7% Of Women Who Obtained Repeat Smear Tests Received Results

The HSE has revealed that more than 2,300 women are still waiting on repeat smear test results.

The Happiest Country On Earth Has Been Revealed

Ireland comes in at number 16 on the list. 

ASOS Commits To Tackling Modern Slavery At House Of Lords

A pledge will be signed by those committed to taking active steps to eradicate modern slavery in their supply chains.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Fleabag Should Be Prescribed Viewing

From the creator of Killing Eve, comes the strong female-led comedy we've all needed. 

Hermès To Launch Plastic-Free Skincare And Cosmetic Lines

The French luxury house confirmed its big beauty ambitions.

Acclaimed Irish actor Fiona Shaw stars in the film

WATCH: A Film Based On The Kerry Babies Case Finally Reaches Irish Cinemas

Out of Innocence gets a release date after three year

Funeral of HPV Vaccine Campaigner Laura Brennan To Be Held Today

Her family described her as a light in the life of everyone who knew her.

NASA Is Canceling Its First All-Female Space Walk

The space agency announced on March 25 that its plans had changed, “in part” due to a shortage of outerwear.

Becoming may be the biggest selling memoir ever

Michelle Obama's Memoir Is On Course To Be The Best-Selling Autobiography Ever

The former US First Lady's autobiography has sold almost 10 million copies worldwide.

The Women Fighting Fascism In Eastern Europe

People say Ireland is similar to Poland in a lot of ways.

The new research has produced some worrying conclusions

Is Sitting As Bad For You As Smoking?

New research from two Northern Irish universities suggests that sedentary activity is linked to almost 50,000 deaths in the UK every year.

A Male Contraceptive Pill Could Be Available Very Soon

Forty healthy men enrolled in the safety trial at the University of Washington and LA BioMed.

Almost 6,000,000 People Have Signed A Petition Urging UK To Revoke Article 50

The UK's departure from the EU is scheduled to go ahead on 29 March. 

Niamh Dunne and Lisa Nolan

A Very Special Lindor Afternoon Tea At The Morrison

Chocolate, bubbly, and the perfect way to say thanks to mums

The Hard-Working Acid You Need To Know For 2019

The new buzzy ingredient in the world of skincare. 

find the workout that works for you

WIN! A Three Month Membership to Gym Plus

If you're looking to try out a new gym, or want to mix up your fitness routine, here's your chance

The Irish Beauty Product That Has A Waiting List Of 35,000 People

It has sold out five times internationally in 12 months. 

The ESPA Spa at The Europe makes the most of the incredible views

An Irish Spa Has Been Voted The Best Hotel Spa In Europe

We are not short on excellent spas in this country, as this latest award shows

The city is the ideal short break destination

Why Belfast Needs To Be The Next Destination on Your City Break List

With Michelin-starred restaurants, historic buildings and great shopping, it makes for the perfect short stay destination

British Vogue Names Irishwoman Anne-Marie Tomchak As Digital Director

The Drumlish-native will be responsible for editorial content on British Vogue’s online platforms.

A Call Me By Your Name Sequel Is Officially Coming This Autumn

It will be set years after the original novel.

Simone Biles To Retire After Tokyo 2020

"I feel like my body’s gone through a lot and it’s kind of falling apart."

The Barcelona brand is now available in Ireland

This Cutting-Edge Spanish Brand Has Landed In Ireland

The cult Skeyndor brand has reached our shores.

Calls For Irish Gun Law Review Following Christchurch Shootings

"When 14-year-olds can legally possess guns, it’s time to step in and prevent a tragedy."

There\'s hope for women experiencing postpartum depression

The First Drug To Treat Postpartum Depression Has Been Approved

Could there be light at the end of the tunnel for the 15 per cent of Irish women who experience postpartum depression?

#ThankYouLaura Trends Online In Wake Of Laura Brennan's Passing

The tireless HPV vaccine advocate passed away on Wednesday aged 26.

This could be the answer to our prayers

HIIPA: The New Way To Work Out - No Gym Required

Could this new way to work out replace HIIT?

China's Animal Testing Laws Are Changing

China is the only country that requires, by law, cosmetics to be tested on animals.

Fórsa Has Called For A Four-Day Irish Work Week

Could this be the answer to Generation Burnout?

Hannah May Jane, Ryan Oakes and Kara O\'Leary at Huawei Sesh

Celebrating Irish Music At The Huawei Sesh

Some of the brightest stars in new Irish music performed at a special gig in Dublin's Button Factory

Sally Rooney Is On The Rathbones Folio Prize Longlist

Her novel Normal People has been hailed as "a future classic".

Model Nathan Westling Has Come Out As Transgender

Nate – formerly Natalie – is beginning his career as a male model. 

A feast for the eyes - and a wakeup call

FIRST LOOK: 'Our Planet' With David Attenborough, Salma Hayek And More

A sneak peek at a new awe-inspiring natural history series by the creators of 'Planet Earth'

Instagram Adds In-App Shopping Feature

The social media giant is opening a whole new revenue stream.

Jacinta Ardern Vows To Never Speak Christchurch Shooter's Name

She has urged the public to speak the names of those killed instead. 

Juice Bar, Lululemon and a RIDE Studio? Meet Dublin's Newest Gym

The space cost upwards of €2 million to complete. 

Hydrated skin is happy skin

7 Of The Best Problem-Solving Body Moisturisers

From the shimmer-makers and mood improvers to the gentle and effective everyday heroes, we've picked some of our favourites

Zalando Ts & Cs

Zalando SE (“Zalando”), with registered address at Tamara-Danz-Str. 1, 10243 Berlin, registered at the Amtsgericht Berlin (Charlottenburg) under HRB 158855B. is hosting a competition, with the Irish Tatler, to win a 500 EURO Gift Voucher.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Celebrates St Patrick's Day In Custom McQueen

The event led with a minute's silence to pay respects to the New Zealand terror attack victims.

New Zealand To Reform Gun Laws Following Mosque Shooting

"I can tell you one thing right now — our gun laws will change.”

Louis Vuitton To Pull All Michael Jackson-Themed Pieces From Collection

Fashion has reacted to a damning documentary. 

Let your products do the hard work

The Hair Heroes That Make Life Easier

From multi-tasking problem solvers to time-saving lotions and potions, the right haircare can make all the difference

Joanne Northy, January Russell and Teodora Sutra at The Dylan\n

Bubbles and Blooms At The Dylan's Relaunch Party

The popular Dublin hotel has a brand new look - and celebrated in style

Máire Carroll Is Pushing The Boundaries Of Classical Music

From the outside, you wouldn't think that Máire Carroll was at the helm of a musical empire.

The three-year-old\'s disappearance in 2007 made headlines

A New Netflix Documentary About Madeleine McCann Is Already Causing Controversy

The still-unsolved disappearance of a three-year-old girl in 2007 is the subject of a new true crime series

16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Has Been Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Thunberg is responsible for the global movement which sees teenagers protest against climate change. 

Facebook And Instagram Suffer Severe Outage Worldwide

Facebook has yet to offer an explanation for the outage.

The Olsen Twins Give Rare Interview About Fashion Line The Row

“Nothing comes easy. That’s just the way we were raised."

Sonya Lennon,Alison Canavan and Janette Ryan at Vichy\'s latest launch

A Breakfast Launch For Vichy’s Neovadiol Phytosculpt

Wellness and beauty experts headed to Dublin's elegant Merrion Hotel for a breakfast launch

Amazon Quietly Launches New Beauty Line

The line is exclusively available on Amazon.

Boots Is Undergoing A Millennial Makeover

Changes are kicking off in April. 

Ilia Beauty is just one of the brands on the site

A New 'Clean Beauty' Boutique Has Arrived - And It’s Irish

A new Irish company has curated an impressive edit of premium clean beauty and wellness brands

Irish Teenage Girls Are Among Highest Levels Of Binge Drinkers In The World

The report also confirmed the growing obesity epidemic in children.

Jennifer is optimistic about the future of TIpperary Boutique Distillery

Women Making Waves: Jennifer Nickerson, MD of Tipperary Boutique Distillery

We chat to the co-owner of new Irish whiskey brand, Tipperary Boutique Distillery, on leaving the corporate world to take a chance on something exciting

All Four Dates Of Michael Jackson's HIStory Tour Cancelled

“Ticket refunds can be sought from the authorised outlet where purchased.”

Captain Marvel Success Proves That Diversity Is In

Brie Larson makes history with her first superhero role. 

The Rixo team\'s favourite Elemis skincare products

Rixo Has Teamed Up With Skincare Brand, Elemis

Fashion and skincare? Why, yes please!

Cecelia Ahern Confirms Sequel To PS I Love You

Postscript is available to pre-order now. 

United Nations Calls On UK Government To Decriminalise Abortion In NI

Northern Ireland is home to some of the strictest termination laws in the world. 

An IVF Clinic Will Refund Irish Couples If No Baby Is Born

The clinic defines success as having a baby and not just getting pregnant. 

The Documentary About Katie Taylor's Life Is Coming To Netflix

The film has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Karen Scanlan, Asta Lee, and Cecile Lee Coveney at the TC Collection by Tipperary Crystal in Adare Manor

A Tipperary Crystal Style Showcase At Adare Manor

The renowned giftware and accessories brand showcased its TC Collection

Reformation Launches Sustainable Swim Collection

With fabric made from recycled plastic waste.

Belfast IWD Rally To Call For Free, Safe And Legal Abortions In NI

This year’s theme for the celebration is ‘The Time is Now – Women Rise Up’. 

73 High-Profile Female Stars Call For More Protection For Women This IWD

"It’s time to move on from conversations to action."

Facebook Is Cracking Down On Anti-Vaxxers

Facebook is taking new action against anti-vaxxers.

Spring is in the air

8 New Fragrances For Spring

From intriguing twists on classics to entirely new creations, bring some sunshine into your life with a new perfume

Honouring Our Trans Sisters On This International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all women!

Reproductive rights for Northern Irish women is a focus

Not Done Yet: What Irish Women Are Still Fighting For This International Women’s Day

The hurdles and challenges we need to work on overcoming, together

The Powerhouse Of Women Behind One Of The World's Leading Festivals

"Combined there’s probably about 100 years of event industry knowledge to tap in to!"

Aer Lingus Is Offering Free Priority Boarding To All Women On IWD

"This International Women’s Day we celebrate our diverse female talent and our female guests"

Maria, Fiona, Karen and Deirdre Flannery at the CMRF Enchanted Garden ball

An Enchanted Evening For CMRF

A glamours evening to raise much needed funds for the Children's Medical & Research Foundation, Crumlin

Calvin Klein Fashion Week Shows Are A Thing Of The Past

The brand will continue to produce their most profitable categories; underwear and denim.

Aer Lingus Cabin Crew No Longer Have To Wear Make-Up

Wearing make-up has been mandatory for women until now.

Little pieces of sparkle

How To Layer Jewellery (Without Looking Like You’re Trying)

It's the jewellery trend that just won't quit (not that we want it to)

Stella McCartney Paves The Way For Sustainable Fashion With 'Upcycled' Clothes At PFW

The show was dedicated to 'the ones we love in the past, present and future'.

Here's What You Can Do To Help Disadvantaged Women In Ireland

Show your love for women in the kindest way you can.

What\'s on for IWD 2019

IWD: International Women's Day Events Around Ireland

There is a host of inspiring events taking place this week around International Women's Day on Friday 8 March

The Creator Of That Savita Mural Is Exhibiting In Atelier Maser

Aches is one of only four artists commissioned to show at Atelier Maser this year. 

Irish Tatler's 10 Most Inspiring Female Trailblazers Ahead Of IWD

Behind every great woman, is about ten other great women.

Get your fashion fix at

Why Zalando Is The Only Place To Shop

Your one s̶t̶o̶p̶ click shop

Lorna Duffy and Tara O\'Farrell at the Zalando ss19 showcase

Spring/Summer 19 Showcase From Zalando

Fashion insiders headed to Dublin's RHA for a preview of what's on offer from the online retailer

Tincture is free from chemicals and is not tested on animals

The Eco-Friendly Cleaning Range That Looks Like Luxury Skincare

One UK brand is ensuring it's possible to combine elegant design with eco credentials

Anti-Abortion Protests Outside Clinics To Be Banned By Councillors

Groups such as ‘Sidewalk Advocates for Life’ have begun training people in Ireland to approach and try to discourage women from using abortion services.

Kensington Palace Publishes New Social Media Rules In Defence Of Meghan And Kate

It's understood that new rules were created in attempts to defend Meghan and Kate amidst reams of online trolling. 

Deborah Somorin Forms Charity Aiming To Help Disadvantaged Single Mothers Ahead Of IWD

"If anyone has a quarter of an acre of a site, please let us know!"

Sheet masks for days...

Win A Month’s Supply Of Award-Winning Seoulista Beauty Sheet Masks

Fast-acting skincare for face, hands and feet (the perfect excuse to take some time to relax!)

Joanne McNally On The Book That Changed Her, Overcoming Adversity And 'Exploring The Pony'

"I’m basically a clown, I’m a performing seal. I want people to laugh and leave feeling good. That’s it."

Here's Why The Contraceptive Pill Is Set To Drop Dramatically In Price In Ireland

Practices in other countries are set to be studied ahead of possible implementation. 

The World's First Ever Transgender Lingerie Brand Has Been Launched

All of the models in the show were also transgender women. 

House Of Lords To Debate Same Sex Marriage In Northern Ireland Today

Delay to bill debates can be credited to Stormont limbo. 

Solange Knowles' New Album 'When I Get Home' Is Out Today

It features Panda Bear, Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler the Creator, Gucci Mane, Playboi Carti, and more.

5 Things We Love From the Zalando SS19 Press Day arrives to Ireland with a press day at Dublin's RHA Gallery.

Speakers For The Women In The World Summit Have Been Revealed

The most powerful woman on the planet is leading the charge. 

Ezra Miller Makes A Strong Case For Male Lipstick

2019 is the year of the Miller. 

Caroline Foran and Jo Linehan

Spring/Summer Style With M&S

The fashion set was out in force for the spring summer showcase from M&S

SJP Is Launching A Wine Range

The actress is working with the same people who developed Graham Norton's tipple.

Bright and bold at Escada\'s ss19 show

Colour Pop: 7 New Lipsticks To Brighten Things Up

One of the quickest ways to brighten a tired face, or glam up a daytime look is with a bright lip

Singer Marina Diamandis Slams Designer Who Photoshopped Her Legs To Look Like 'Sticks'

“If you want me to wear your clothing, don’t photoshop my wonderful hourglass body shape as if it’s is unacceptable."

Chrissy and husband John Legend at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscars party

Chrissy Teigen Calls Out The Casual Sexism In Interviews With Her Husband John Legend

The model/presenter knows exactly what's implied when certain questions are asked

Fashion's Latest 'It Bag' Can Hold A Postage Stamp

Long gone are the five-finger grip jumbo-bags of yore. 

The actress has left her latest film in protest

READ: Emma Thompson’s Powerful Letter On Refusing To Work With A Problematic Male Film Executive

The English actress made her thoughts very clear in this incredible letter

Win a stylish city break to Manchester including a spa treatment

Win a Stylish City Spa Break With Flights!

We have a city break to Manchester for two, including a dreamy spa treatment up for grabs. 

Why Billy Porter Wearing A Strapless Velvet Gown To The Oscars Is A Big Deal

"Women show up every day in pants, but the minute a man wears a dress, the seas part."

Retinol can transform skin - but needs to be used properly

Why You Need Retinol In Your Skincare Routine

This vitamin A derivative can have an incredible effect on skin, if you use it properly

Social Media Influencer Revealed As 'Dream Job' For Irish People

A new survey reveals that being an influencer is at the top of everyone's list. 

Selma is starring in Netflix\' Another Life

Actress Selma Blair Rocked A Cane On Her First Red Carpet After Revealing She Has MS

The Hellboy star revealed last year she suffers from a neurological condition that affects over 8,00 people here in Ireland

Laura Harrier's Louis Vuitton Gown Was Entirely Eco-Friendly

“It's a privilege to walk the carpet in a designer gown constructed with eco-friendly, sustainable materials," says Harrier.

Rami Malek And Lucy Boynton's Love Is The Most Hollywood Affair This Awards Season

"Lucy Boynton, you're the heart of this film. You are beyond immensely talented. You have captured my heart."

Rami Malek Falls From Oscars 2019 Stage

A memorable night for Malek. 

The Best Dressed From The Academy Awards 2019

A far cry from the blackout times of Time's Up yore, this year's Academy Awards boasted reams of colour, drama and flair. 

Olivia Coleman's Oscar Speech Boasts Perfect Levels Of Zany And Loveable

"To any little girl who is practising their speech – you never know."

Oscars 2019 – The Complete List Of Winners At The 91st Academy Awards

The 91st Academy Awards took place on Sunday night at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Ruth Negga at the 89th Annual Academy Awards in 2017

15 Of The Best Oscar Beauty Looks

The hair and makeup looks that are still talked about long after Oscar night

Helen Mirren, Oscars 2018

Here's What's In This Year's Oscars Swag Bags

The 91st Academy Awards take place on Sunday. 

Derry Girls Stars To March In London Over NI Abortion Laws

Abortion rights groups including Family Planning Association, Marie Stopes, and BPAS will also be joining Amnesty’s march.

What Beauty Expert Caroline Hirons Wants You To Know About Skincare

With thousands of Insta followers and subscribers to her blog, Caroline is one of the most trusted names in beauty

CBD Beauty Products Have Reached Cultural Zeitgeist Status

The vital component missing from your beauty routine. 

Moscow Fashion Week Is Offering To Show Emerging Designers' Collections

The Russian Fashion Council is offering 10 designers free participation on their schedule this season.

Oscars To Be Held Accountable For Gender Imbalance, Time's Up Campaigners Say

"This is not just about entertainment. This is about everybody you know".

Fendi Honours Karl Lagerfeld With Heartfelt Video

Lagerfeld passed in hospital in Paris on Tuesday.

Bethany Williams Awarded Royally For Ethically-Focused Fashion

Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall, awarded the acclaimed young designer.

Vicky Phelan To Take A Step Back From Activism Following Health Scare

The mother-of-two also revealed that her cancer has not spread. 

Getting the essentials

Is This The Best All-Rounder Health Supplement You Can Take?

Are you getting enough essential fatty acids into your diet?

Sustainable Living Should Be On Curriculum, Says Mary Robinson

She told Green Week at Trinity College Dublin that climate change was inseparable from other sustainable development goals.

How A-List Stars Choose Their Red Carpet Dresses For the Oscars

This time of year is the Superbowl for the fashion industry.  

Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Choupette Set To Benefit From Will

The German-born designer had previously said that if it were legal, he would have married the feline. 

Charlotte Tilbury To Launch New Icons Collection

The hardest working woman in beauty has done it again. 

5 Beauty Takeaways From LFW

The autumn/winter 19 shows were a veritable feast of fresh beauty inspiration.

The Favourite Honoured For Costume Design Days Before Oscars

The 91st Academy Awards will be taking place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Burberry Apologises For Sending Hoodie With Noose Down The Runway

The item featured in Burberry's Autumn/Winter collection, named "Tempest," was debuted in London on Sunday.

What The Irish Fash Pack Wore To London Fashion Week

The Scandi Cool-Girls have some stiff competition

Kim Kardashian Opens The Conversation About Fast Fashion Disappointment

She mentioned that her husband Kanye has fallen claim to such sites "for years now".

Mango's New Campaign Starring Adwoa Aboah Is All Our SS19 Dreams Fulfilled

The campaign, shot by Alasdair McLellan shines a light on relevant voices of youth culture today.

The gin is the latest launch for Graham\'s renowned drinks offering

WIN a Bottle of Graham Norton's Own Irish Gin

Celebrating the launch of Graham's new gin in SuperValu.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld Has Died At 85

The 85-year old served as the creative director of both Chanel and Fendi. 

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper And Queen Set To Perform At Oscars 2019

This year's Oscars will be taking place at 1am GMT on 25 February.

Niamh Cullen at the Lily O\'Brien\'s event

An Evening of Chocolate And Chat With Lily O'Brien's

The much-loved luxury chocolate brand hosted an evening for media and some well-known faces

Motion Backed To Halt Abortion Protests Outside Clinics

Recording information about those using the hospital would also be prohibited.

Vivienne Westwood Heralds A Myriad Of Political Talking Points At LFW Show

Rose McGowan took to the runway dressed as the angel of democracy. 

Natalie B Coleman's Collaborates With UN To Donate 10% Of Its Proceeds To Charity

The LSAD graduate’s work pivots between tradition and innovation.

You could win an entire box of beauty

WIN A Complete Best Of New Beauty Collection From Boots

Makeup, skincare and high tech gadgets: you could win a whole box full of beauty from top brands at Boots

Here Are Some Of The Celebrities Set To Present Awards At The Oscars

The 91st Academy Awards will be taking place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

WATCH: Irish Tatler Cover Star Shines On The Late Late Show

Amber Jean Rowan is a force to be reckoned with. 

Adwoa Aboah And Other Activists Kickstart LFW With Grenfell Demonstration

No arrests have been made for the fire which killed 72 in 2017.

The HSE Has Fought Back Against A Misleading Crisis Pregnancy Website

It has obtained a temporary court order to have the website taken down

A super-boost of hydration

8 Of The Best Hydrating Face Masks

With parched skin a familiar concern in Irish Tatler HQ, the team can vouch for this edit of hydration heroes.

Amber Jean on her Irish Tatler cover shoot

Irish Tatler Cover Star Amber Jean Rowan Will Be On This Week's Late Late Show

Amber will be talking about the reaction to her going wig-free on the cover of our March

The clean, Eco Certed brand is now in Ireland

This 100 Per Cent Natural French Cosmecutical Line Is Now In Ireland

As conversations around being kinder to ourselves and our planet increase, an award-winning cosmeceuticals brand that focuses on just that has arrived in Irish pharmacies.

Gardaí Warn Of 'Romance Scams' Ahead Of Valentine's Day

One woman initially delayed reporting the fraud to Gardaí as she was married.

Emma Stone talks self love

"I Treat Myself in The Same Gentle Way I’d Want to Treat a Daughter of Mine."

Loving yourself takes work, and just like anything that requires effort, sometimes we need a little inspiration and support.

Through good times and bad

Galentine's Day: The Irish Tatler team celebrate their female friendships

Your female friendships just might be some of the most significant relationships of your life

Emily Kirkman and Jessica Walsh at Cliff Townhouse

Wedding Inspiration With Frog Prince Weddings & Events At Cliff Townhouse

Bubby, canapes and expert inspiration for a very special wedding day

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Inspiration

Perfect present ideas for the discerning fashion and beauty lover on Feb 14th

HSE Reveals Expected 93-Day Wait For CervicalCheck Smear Resultss

Women are now waiting up to 27 weeks for results.

Love online can be tricky (even more so than real life!)

Two Northern Irish Women Lost Over £100,000 in Romance Scams

Police revealed the women's stories to encourage others to be careful

The Modelling Agency Opening Doors For New Ireland

Not Another Agency is pushing for diversity in a radically uniform industry. 

Valentine\'s Day at Boots

The Perfect Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts From Boots

If you're looking for some gifting inspiration for your other half, Boots has plenty on offer (and some brilliant discounts too).

Katy Perry Removes Shoes From Fashion Line Following 'Blackface' Claims

The shoes have since been removed from Dillards and Walmart. 

Laura Jackson x Warehouse's New Collab Is Out – Here Are Five Pieces We Love

The new edit launched online and in-store on 7 February. 

Lynn Kelly at the Lancôme launch

Lancôme Reveals Its Latest Launch

Beauty insiders, makeup artists and bloggers headed to the Ice Bar, Dublin to check out the new arrival

Hello? This is your truth calling...

The 17 Signs That You Don't Speak Your Truth

How to know if you're masking your real thoughts by not speaking your truth.

A good cleanser keeps skin happy

6 To Try: The New Generation Cleansers

Ditch the face wipes and give a wash-off cleanser a try. Your skin will thank you for it.

Photographer Vanessa Ifediora\'s beautiful images belong in your feed.

Your Instagram Feed Needs These Creative Irish Accounts

Creative and unexpected Irish Instagram accounts to brighten up your feed

Over 100 Complaints Made About Bloggers To ASAI in 2018

In 2017, there were 105 complaints while there were just 11 in 2016.

Up your fruit and veg intake for a major health boost

New Research Shows That Healthy Eating Has A Massive Impact On Mood

We knew fresh fruit and vegetables were good for us but we had no idea how much!

R Kelly Announces New Tour Amid Sexual Assault Accusations

According to news reports, the singer’s sexual misconduct dates back to 1994.

Members of the Irish Nurses & Midwives Organisation campaigning for better pay and patient safety

Nurses Across The Country Take Action For A Second Day

The nurses of Ireland are on strike today because of low pay, under staffing and a number of other reasons. The nurses of Ireland are concerned about the future of nursing in Ireland.

Liam Neeson has tried to clarify his comments

Liam Neeson Has Addressed The Outcry Over His Recent Interview

The Northern Irish actor has been accused of racism after telling a story about seeking revenge following a friend's rape many years ago

Affordable, high tech skincare

Already A Cult Name, New Brand The Inkey List Has Landed In Ireland

Big ingredients, small prices and user-friendly packaging - what's not to love?

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop To Produce Docuseries With Netflix

The Goop magazine will be paused while the Netflix series takes off.

Rising star, Seána

Dublin’s Seána Kerslake Gets Rave Reviews At Sundance For Her New Horror Film

The Hole In The Wall has already been called one of 2019's best horror films

Facebook Responds To Miriam O'Callaghan Legal Action Saying They Removed Ads Featuring Her Face

O'Callaghan has engaged in a lengthy legal process with the media giant. 

Haircare goes high tech

Win! A Bundle Of Living Proof’s Award-Winning Healthy Haircare

A big celebrity favourite, Living Proof is the high tech, silicone-free haircare range you need to know about (and here's your chance to try it out!)

Photography Louise Samuelsen, styling by Aisling Farinella

Irish Model Poses Wig Free On The New Issue Of Irish Tatler For Alopecia Awareness

Actress and model Amber Jean Rowan, former contestant of RTÉ's The Model Agent, has been living with alopecia since age 15.

Brie Larson, Tessa Thompson And Universal Studios Pledge 4% Challenge Over Next 18 Months

The challenge calls for industry groups to each commit to hiring one female director in the next 18 months.

In Her Closet: Louise Ryan On Mastering Winter Layering

In the latest instalment of our In Her Closet series, zooming in on the wardrobes of stylish Irish women, we chat to style savant Louise Ryan, Instagrammer and homewares expert at April and The Bear.

Could this be the way to quit?

A New Study Suggests Smokers Are Twice As Likely To Quit By Using E-Cigarettes

It's the first major study on the effects of e-cigarettes on smokers

Pro-Life Group Allegedly Harasses Woman Who Procured Medical Abortion In Dublin Hospital

It is, as yet, unknown how the group obtained the woman's personal details. 

The brand was created by four spa industry gurus

A Group of Spa Industry Experts Has Just Launched An Artisan Wellness Brand

When the brains behind some of world's top spas create a product range, it's worth knowing about

WATCH: Mairéad McGuinness MEP Calmly Puts Euro-Skeptics In Place During Heated Brexit Debate

"This is not the House of Commons colleagues, it's the European Parliament."

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2019

Sustainability Took Front Row Seat at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Trust the Danes to make being good for the planet cool.

NYFW Designers Urged Not To Hire Underage Models

Mental health and well-being are being cited as reasons why.

Dame Vivienne Westwood Among Those Asking For Eurovision To Be Relocated From Israel

Artists such as Nick Cave, Radiohead and Lana Del Rey have been criticised for organising concerts in the country.

The brand is renowned for fragrance combining

Jo Malone Is Launching Its First Solid Perfume

The fragrance brand is bringing you its best sellers in a sleek, pocket-sized palette.

Paris Plans To Be ‘Sustainable Capital of Fashion’ By 2024

“It’s our task to invent a new future for fashion."

Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Running For President In 2020

The 2020 presidential campaign is well underway.

Caitriona is set to star alongside Matt Damon and Christian Bale in a major new film

Caitriona Balfe Reveals Outlander Plans - And What She's Up To Next

The Irish actress has been discussing the recent series of the hit show, and her upcoming film role

Sarah Ewart Challenges Northern Ireland Abortion Laws In Belfast High Court

Over 900 women travelled to England and Wales from Northern Ireland during last year to terminate pregnancies.

Abbey Theatre To Appear Before Oireachtas Committee

Scheduled witnesses include Abbey Theatre Chair Frances Ruane, Arts Council of Ireland Chair Sheila Pratschke and Irish actor Declan Conlon.

Report Indicating Range Of Changes To Sex Education To Be Published By Oireachtas Committee Today

One of the recommendations will allow schools to implement RSE regardless of the ethos of the school.

Tuam Mother And Baby Home Survivors Call For DNA Samples To Be Taken

The remains of almost 800 children lay in a septic tank at the site.

Ted Bundy murdered at least 30 women and girls before being executed

Netflix Wants People To Stop Crushing On Serial Killer Ted Bundy

Yes, Ted Bundy may have been handsome and charismatic but he also murdered dozens of women

Notes To Self by Emilie Pine Wins Irish Book Of The Year

The book has been described as a courageous exploration of alcoholism, mental illness, rape and infertility.

The picture bridesmaid Nell Goddard posted to Twitter

This Wedding Photo Went Viral - Because The Dresses Have Pockets!

The bridal party may just have kick-started a fashion revolution

Gender Balance Awards In Dubai Announce All-Male Winners

The awards ceremony announcement has since been ridiculed online. 

Irish First Mothers Takes High Court Action Against State For "Up To Billions"

A new delay in the government-led investigative report was announced last week. 

Samsung To Start Using Sustainable Materials In Its Packaging

Plastic will be substituted with environmentally sustainable materials like recycled/bio-based plastics and paper.

Cleansing is the cornerstone of happy skin

Win A Winter Skincare Trio From SkinCeuticals

The renowned cosmecutical brand has some serious science behind its formulations

The Favourite, A Star Is Born, BlacKkKlansman Snubbed At SAG Awards

The Academy Awards are less than a month away. 

Louise Cooney at the Clarins launch

Spring Fever With Clarins

At the new season showcase, guests were introduced to the Clarins spring collection and a new serum foundation

Plans Revealed For 'Clery's Quarter' In Dublin City

A hotel, food market and retail and office space are planned for the venture. 

How To Save Money For Your New Car Without Going Broke

Some smart thinking and clever lifestyle tweaks can make that new car a reality

'Bohemian Rhapsody' Pulled From LGBT Awards Show Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The film is nominated for five Oscars including Best Picture.

Lucia Pica\'s 18th century-meets-Bowie look © CHANEL 2019

Get The Look: Lucia Pica's Bowie-inspired Eyes For Chanel's SS19 Haute Couture Show

The Chanel global creative makeup and colour designer explains how she achieved the look

HSE Issues Statement On CervicalCheck System Backlog

Repeat testing is required in about 1,000 cases, according to the HSE.

Vitamins And Food Supplements To Rise Considerably In Price In Ireland

The Irish Government has been accused of being devious when it comes to the new tax hike.

The 25th Hollywood Issue cover from Vanity Fair, pictured actors Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan.

The 2019 Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue Cover Is Here, Starring Saoirse Ronan

Ronan stars alongside actors Timothée Chalamet, Elizabeth Debicki, Rami Malek, Nicholas Hoult and John David Washington for the magazine's always eagerly-anticipated Hollywood cover. 

Panti Bliss To Open A Sister LGBTQIA+ Bar In February

The new Dublin 1 haunt is just around the corner from PantiBar. 

Christian Grey and Dakota Fanning starred in the film versions of EL James\' Fifty Shades novesl

Fifty Shades Author EL James Is Back With A New Novel

Can the new novel from EL James match the success of her previous tale - and is it as raunchy?

European Court Orders Italy To Pay Amanda Knox €18,000 In Financial Damages

Knox was convicted for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher.

Vit C is a skincare powerhouse

Why Vitamin C Could Be Your Skin's Best Friend

Brightening, protecting, hydrating - Vitamin C is a little skincare hero

Instagram: @nutterbutter + @isabelles

Remember That Colour-Coded Spreadsheet Of Dublin Restaurants? Well, It's Gotten A 2019 Update!

Complete with millennial-friendly pastel colour-coding and all of the city's coolest spots...

Irish Teenager Named As One Of Paris Fashion Week's Breakout Stars

He's been hailed as "one of the most talked about kids of the high fashion circuit."

16 UK Celebrities Have Agreed To Be More Transparent With Sponsored Ads

A number of bloggers and influencers have made social transparency pledges to the CMA.

Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher.

Irish Surgeon At The Forefront Of Gender Affirmation Surgery In American Midwest

“It's the most meaningful work I've ever done,” says Co. Louth native Dr Sidhbh Gallagher.

Over 900 Woman Travelled from Northern Ireland To England To Obtain Abortions Last Year

"Women shouldn't be forced through our courts to have their rights realised."

A Number Of Cervical Smear Tests To Be Repeated As They Have Expired

Simon Harris has been called to make a statement. 

Singer Bebe Rexha Claims Designers Refuse To Dress Her 'Plus Size' Body

The young artist has sparked debate online over unhealthy body standards. 

SIlk Tree is made with traditional methods

Could This Be The Perfect Non-Alcoholic Alternative To A G&T?

This Irish non-alcoholic spirit is the healthy tipple we’ve been waiting for

US Supreme Court Allows Trump's Transgender Ban To Be Implemented

Trump first referenced the possibility of this in 2017.

Doireann Sheridan and Renata Flood

Famous Faces At A Screening Of New Irish Film, Cellar Door

Stars from the worlds of film and entertainment gathered in Dublin's Cineworld cinema

WATCH: Oscar-Nominated Irish Animation Short Film 'Late Afternoon'

The piece takes a poignant look at living with dementia.

Ole launched his eponymous brand in 1984

This Cult Skincare Brand Is Returning To Irish Shores

One of the front runners in holistic beauty is coming back to Ireland

NHS Reveals Contraceptive Pill Can Be Taken Every Day Without Break

The previously-dubbed 'Pope rule' has been debunked.

Sony Has Dropped R Kelly From Their Record Label RCA

According to news reports, the singer’s sexual misconduct dates back to 1994.

Ruth O\'Connor and Ruth Griffin

The New Season Showcase At Brown Thomas

The fashion pack headed to Brown Thomas for a morning showcase of the key looks for ss19