Irish cosmetic dental company Your Smile Direct are bringing cutting-edge orthodontic technology directly to you, so you never hide your smile again. And we've got a special discount especially for Irish Tatler readers.


Who They Are:

Your Smile Direct have gone from strength to strength since launching in the UK in 2016. Now present across Ireland, Italy, France, Australia and New Zealand, Your Smile Direct aims to make straight teeth more accessible and more a ordable for customers worldwide. Focusing on minor to moderate concerns like gaps, crookedness and overcrowding, Your Smile Direct use clear aligners to straighten teeth in an average of only 20 weeks. The aligners are comfortable, easy to use and super discreet, so no more train tracks! Best of all, on average it’s 70% cheaper than other traditional dental treatments.


What They Do:

The process is really simple; following a free 30 second smile evaluation, customers can choose between a quick 30 minute visit to one of Your Smile Direct’s Smile Clinics, or ordering a Home Smile Kit to create their dental impressions. A 3D smile preview is then created by a registered and licensed in-house dentist and a personal treatment plan is put into place for each customer. Once the customer is happy with the suggested treatment, custom-made aligners are delivered straight to their door. Your Smile Direct have a dedicated care team on hand, which includes several licensed dentists, through every stage of the process to make sure your smile journey is as smooth as possible. Treatment costs €1,599 upfront or €149 over six months with a €899 deposit. This includes a final retainer sent at the end of treatment that helps maintain the results.

And now. using the code HSIT50, Irish Tatler readers get 50% off the Home Smile Kit or Smile Clinic Scan... Now that’s something to smile about!

Your Smile Direct’s Home Smile Kits are a dentist prescribed, a ordable, convenient, and remote option with no waiting lists or dental visits involved. With clear instructions included in each kit on how to make and mail back the impressions, customers can start their new smile journey from the comfort of their own home.


Where They Are:

Located in Stillorgan, a visit to the Dublin Smile Clinic takes only 30 minutes and the scan is taken by one of Your Smile Direct’s in-house registered and licensed dentists. A 3D image of your mouth will be taken quickly and painlessly. This scan will be the only dental visit needed throughout treatment. The 3D Dental Scan costs €99.

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