The humble toothbrush is getting a makeover. 

Ever wonder if you're doing enough for your teeth? If you could make your intermittent trips to the dentist less foreboding?

Well, it looks like now you can. And it'll only set you back about €110. 

French company FasTeesH's new toothbrush is attempting to revolutionise the product sharing claims can deep-clean teeth in just 10 seconds.

The Y-Brush, which is being marketed as "the smarter auto-cleaning electronic toothbrush" is seemingly able to deep-clean your teeth 12 times faster than a standard toothbrush.

Regarding aesthetics, the new gadget looks like a mouthguard with hundreds of small nylon bristles laid out at 45-degree angles – the recommended angle of brushing.

However, with great angles come great responsibilities – and the Y-Brush delivers that in droves. 

Due to the meticulously studied gradient, FasTeesH believes that their new brush offers the holy grail of dentistry; the Bass Method. This claims to fully clean your teeth with sonic vibrating technology in just 10 seconds.

The Bass Method involves holding the head of the toothbrush horizontally against your teeth with the bristles part-way on the gums and then tilting the brush head to about a 45-degree angle, so the bristles are pointing under the gum line, allowing the bristles to slide gently under the gum.

The Y-Brush claims to do just that, all in the amount of time it would take you to pour a cuppa. 

To use the Y-Brush, you first fill the tray with your toothpaste of choice. Then bring it to your mouth and place it around a row of teeth just like you would with a normal gum-shield. 

Once in your mouth, press the power button and you will feel the Y-Brush vibrate. It’s recommended that you make a chewing motion while it’s in your mouth in order to fully clean your teeth, but you’ll only have to do it for about five seconds.

Then place the Y-Brush on your other teeth and run the whole process again. After just 10 seconds later, your teeth should be fully cleaned.

The product – which has has been meticulously engineered by dentist for the last 3+ years "creating the toothbrush of the future" – also claims to offer an effortless and consistent deep cleaning:

  • Dentist Preferred — Replicates the recommended ‘Bass Method’ of teeth cleaning with small lateral movements. 
  • Effortless Cleaning — Consistently cleans your teeth the way they should be using any toothpaste in 10 seconds flat, every time. 
  • Deeper Cleaning — Sonic vibrations power specialized nylon bristles to clean deep under your gum line, not just the surfaces of your teeth. 
  • Gentler Cleaning — Single sided mouthpiece in 4 sizes eliminates hard manual scrubbing the leading cause of receding gums.

FasTeesH's £100/€110 Y-Brush – which was showcased this week at the Consumer Technology Show in Las Vegas – has not yet been approved or tested by the ADA, but is available to pre-order online with shipping set to begin in April.

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