All of the models in the show were also transgender women. 

A transgender woman has launched the first-ever line of luxury lingerie, Carmen Liu Lingerie, an extension of The GI Collection, designed specifically with trans women in mind.

Carmen Liu – a 27-year-old transgender woman based in London – who claims that trans women have very limited options when it comes to underwear that conceals their genitals, is the designer behind the brand.  

Liu reveals that for trans women who haven't had surgery, it's near impossible to find form-fitting undergarments. 

Spotting the niche, the Londoner set to work on the new product which is made with satin and lace, and the thongs are lined with cotton. This design isn’t boring either — much like the markings of traditional lingerie, Liu has designed the panties with pretty bows and a lace trim.

Each piece is also purpose-made to gently secure the genitals in place. Carmen is also offering a ‘tucking tape’, a safer option to household tape, for women who want to tape back their nether regions. 

“This is my own personal transition,” Liu said at the launch.

“The lack of products that I couldn’t find during my transition… that’s why I wanted to create something that other trans women could have as well as me.”

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