Tipperary Crystal's Karen Scanlan: "Jewellery should compliment any outfit, for any occasion"

Beautiful, timeless jewellery made for modern Irish women

It's safe to say that Karen Scanlan, Creative Director of Tipperary Crystal, knows exactly how to create beautiful, timeless jewellery for the modern woman.   

She spoke to Irish Tatler about designing New Season Jewellery Collections of Noir, Star & Birthstone for all women and why the right jewellery will complement any – and every – outfit. 

Noir Rose Gold Black Drop Earrings, €35.00, Noir Rose Gold Black Bracelet, €50.00, all Tipperary Crystal

Tell us about the concept behind your New Season Jewellery Collections of Noir, Star & Birthstone?

The motivation behind the design of our Noir Collection was that we wanted to create a collection that would compliment any outfit for any occasion. Rose gold is so strong again this season and is very kind to winter skin tones. I love the combination of Rose gold with dark rich lustrous black crystals, some of the pieces in this collection are very architecturally inspired while maintaining the art deco theme.

Black is a very popular colour in most ladies’ wardrobes, it’s easy-to-wear and compliments every body shape, so I wanted to design a range that would enhance this. 

Star Pave Silver With Blue CZ Earrings, €40.00, Star Shaped Pave Pendant Silver, €30.00, all Tipperary Crystal

I have wanted to design a collection of jewellery that symbolises the Star for a long time. We had so much fun designing the Star Collection, as it's a more casual and fun collection in comparison to our Noir Collection – it has a real boho-chic, fresh and energising feel to it.  Full of yellow gold, Rose gold and silver pieces so there’s definitely something for everyone in there!

All the pieces in this collection are designed to be stacked and styled in your very own unique way.

When designing the Birthstone Collection, I wanted it to be contemporary and unique, different from other Birthstone Collections currently available on the market and I think we’ve achieved this. This collection is a modern interpretation of the Birthstone theme. It's designed to be worn every day and can be worn with other pieces from our other collections.

Finishing Touches

Noir Lace Pave Gunmetal Earrings, €60.00, Tipperary Crystal

What is your favourite part of the creative process?

My favourite part of the design process is coming up with a new idea and then exploring the different ways we can take this collection. The main driving force behind designing all our jewellery collections is to recreate classical pieces into a contemporary style but also providing maximum versatility.

There are strong references to the Romantic era in how the jewellery collection was styled, is that a movement that particularly inspires you?

Most definitely, I love the femininity and glamour of this era. The close attention to detail, the opportunity to use fashion to represent personal individuality and personal style. 

Noir 'O' Rose Gold Bracelet, €60.00, Tipperary Crystal

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery from the new collection?

That’s a very difficult question as I absolutely love every piece, but one piece that I’m particularly proud of is the Noir Drop Solid Bar Pave Ball Earrings, this design combines the symmetry of geometric lines and architectural influences delicate yet powerful feminine aesthetic.

These earrings are a really eye-catching piece that can be worn to complement a casual ensemble or to complete a more glamorous look.

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If you could pick anyone, alive or passed, to be an ambassador for the noir collection, who would it be?

It would have to be Eva Mendes, I absolutely love her exotic, boho-chic, timelessly elegant look.

The rose gold along with the lustre of the rich black crystals would sit beautifully against her dark sultry look. Her pared-down approach to fashion is the very definition of timeless elegance the ethos behind the design of all our jewellery collections.

October - Rose Gold Bar Birthstone Bracelet - Opal, €40.00, Tipperary Crystal

 What is your vision in terms of future design direction for the brand?

To continue to create collections that encompass maximum versatility, pieces that mix easily yet offer a high dose of fashion and longevity.

I want our pieces to enable women to express their own individuality and style.

We want to continue being innovators within the affordable luxury jewellery market, creating beautiful designs at affordable prices.

Browse the new collection at www.tipperarycrystal.ie.

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