Stop, You can\'t fix it now, the damage is done.

Stop, You can't fix it now, the damage is done. Tom Ford SS'18

About as divisive a topic as you can get…. Well in hair-terms, anyway.

Bangs-havers, former bangs-havers, bangs-wannabe-havers….. there are few of us that don’t have story to tell or something to say on the matter. Some are cut with the sharpest of intentions, while others come to fruition slightly more accidental, here’s a post recounting our Editorial Dept.’s anecdotal tales of fringe flights of fancy.

"See, look at these bones that were hiding! I'm just going to chop it here...."

 Amy Heffernan, Staff Ed.

“I decided to get a fringe in secondary school, maybe in 2nd year. This was all before I had discovered ammonia and my hair was thick, glossy and auburn. I went to the salon full of conviction, armed with a picture of Marissa Cooper from The O.C. and told my hairdresser to recreate her look (the naturally occurring, sun-kissed highlights, golden skin and coltish limbs, all being out of her control of course). I genuinely burst into tears when I looked in the mirror, post-chop. My life as I knew it was over. After a month or two of constant hairband-wearing though, it grew long enough that I could split it and rock the omnipresent Noughties’ side fringe. Silver linings and all the rest.”

Ais O’Toole, Editor of U Magazine

“I cut my own fringe in when I was a teenager, which was a disastrous idea to begin with, considering I have really curly hair. Then, a few years later when I managed to convince myself that I had the pateiece to straighten my hair every day, I attempted the feat again. Once again, it was not only "not perfect" but aggressively bad. What’s that saying about ‘fool me twice’ again?

Sarah O’Hegarty, Deputy Ed. of Irish Tatler

“Everyone’s into endurance sports these days, but the ultimate test of will is growing out a heavy, blunt fringe. My relationship with my fringe has been on/off for the last ten years or so and I all too often play the ‘keep it’ or ‘grow it out’ game of tennis. It’s so not as easy as the shaggy-haired likes of Alexa and Suki might have you believe. For those of you braving that awkward limbo-stage, kirbies and willpower are crucial!

Faye McGillicuddy, Deputy Ed. of U Magazine

“I’ve flirted with a fringe or two in my lifetime, but I think my worst bang-related drama was when a trainee stylist dyed my fringe, but somehow skipped a section, leaving me with a leopard print-esque bit, right in the middle of my forehead. Never a good look. Ever.”

"Yeah, knew I'd hate it.....My life is ruined. Now, to drown my sorrows."