The term 'must-have' should only apply to accessories, not to body parts. 

We can almost hear a collective "ugh" being uttered as another unobtainable body 'trend' has began circulating on social media. 

Gone is the pervasive lust for thigh gaps and in its place 'Toblerone Tunnel' has appeared - a small, triangular space between the buttocks and where the thighs meet, named for its ability to snugly fit a bar of Toblerone chocolate.

We're pretty sure the Daily Mail literally made this one up as it appears to be the first outlet that reported it. The outlet shared numerous snaps of celebrities who do have this body shape, but it seems that the phrase was never in existence before.

However, since the Daily Mail piece, there have been hundreds of swimwear selfies posted to Instagram alone with the related hashtag. 

Just like with thigh-brows, hip cleavage, bikini bridges, and the infamous thigh gap, let's hope this one goes away quickly and quietly. Just as both the fashion industry and the world of social media is becoming more body positive and diverse, this kind of trend is the last thing impressionable young women need.

"This is ridiculous, unrealistic, and potentially dangerous,” doctor Jennifer Wider told Women's Health Magazine. 

“Everyone's body is different, and promoting this beauty standard that is impossible for most women to attain only leads to poor body image, self esteem, and potentially stress and depression.”

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As for what we have to say on the matter, if you have one, that's cool. If you don't, that's also cool. Every body is beautiful and unique, and we don't need social media to remember that.

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