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The Internet Taught Me This Today: COVID-19 Could Be Spread Through Sex

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Think Outside The Box (Of Chocolates) With Our Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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It's Confirmed: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Aren't Dating

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Tinder Suffers Data Breach Resulting In 70,000 Photos Of Female Users Found Online

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11 Comebacks For Those Annoying Questions Your Relatives Will Definitely Ask This Christmas

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What Their Valentine's Day Gift Says About Your Relationship

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Have You Been Thunberged? The New Dating Terms That You'll Wish You Never Heard

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Asking This One Simple Question Is The Key To Making A Relationship Last

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4 Ways To Ward Off Evil Spirits At Halloween: And Yes, Your Ex Counts

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There's Now Yet Another New Dating Trend To Worry About – Except This Time It Involves Dogs

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The Science Behind Cuffing Season

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Another Day, Another New Dating Trend To Further Complicate Your Already Complicated Dating Life

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Can You Really Ruin Things By Having Sex Too Soon?

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How To Go On Your First Couples Holiday Without Breaking Up

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Modern Day Pet Peeves And Dealbreakers – As Told By Irish Daters

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6 Ideas To Add To Your Bedroom Bucket-List

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Can It Ever Work Out If They're More Into You? ... Asking For A Friend

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There's Now Yet Another Dating Trend Making It Impossible To Find Love

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A Millennial's Guide To 'Love Languages'

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Bored? Ask Your Partner These 36 Questions

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What Counts As Micro-Cheating + When You Need To Draw The Line?

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Tinder 'Festival Mode' Now Exists for Summer Loving