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Amy Coney Barrett: Who Is Trump's Supreme Court Nominee And What Does She Stand For?

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Her Dying Wish And What Happens Next

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AOC's Notes On That Famous Speech Need To Be Seen To Be Believed

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gives A Masterclass In Denouncing Sexist Tropes

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Saoirse McHugh Has Left The Green Party

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Councillor Hazel Chu Has Been Elected The New Lord Mayor of Dublin

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Hazel Chu Is Set To Be The New Lord Mayor Of Dublin

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Gender Politics: The US Politician Who Resigned Due To Revenge Porn Is Writing A Memoir

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Mairéad McGuinness Considered Bookies' Favourite For Future President Of Ireland

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59 Thoughts I Had Watching The Leaders Debate, Knowing Nothing About Politics

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The Politician Who Had To Defend Her Outfit In Work: "I Am Not A Tart, Hungover Or A Slapper."

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Unsure Who To Vote For? This Irish Politics Quiz Does The Work For You

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Catherine Noone Refers To Leo Varadkar As 'Autistic' – While Also Mentioning Racist Slur

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Fianna Fáil Support Is Surpassing Fine Gael While Sinn Féin Soars, According To Exit Poll

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Fianna Fáil Pledges To Double Child Benefit Payments For New Parents

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You Have Less Than 24 Hours To Ensure You Are Registered To Vote – Here's How To Do It

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Boris Johnson's Brexit Bill – An Explainer For Those Too Afraid To Ask

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Finland Is Now Completely Run By Women

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Watch AOC Take Down Mark Zuckerberg Over Facebook's Misinformation Problems

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A Woman In NI Who Acquired Abortion Pills Has Court Case Acquitted

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As Of Today, Abortion Is Decriminalised And Same-Sex Marriage Legalised In NI

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BoJo's Brexit Deal: Everything You Need To Know

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What The Referendum Commission Means For Irish Voters Abroad

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Explainer: What Is Prorogation And What Does Black Rod Do?

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A Quick Summary About Boris Johnson And Leo Varadkar's Monday Meeting

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Explainer: What Is The Brexit Backstop?

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What's Happening With Brexit In 400 Easy-To-Read Words

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Mike Pence's Visit Will Be Protested With A 'Disco Outside The Dáil'

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The White House Finally Responds To Taylor Swift's Equality Petition

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Is Leo Varadkar Being Ghosted By Boris Johnson?

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Who Is Jacob Rees Mogg? Meet The Anti-Abortion, Anti-LGBT, Brexiteer Who Has Gone Viral

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A List Of The Most Chauvinistic Things Boris Johnson Has Ever Said

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What Does The Same-Sex Marriage/Abortion Vote Mean For NI?

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A Win For #KuToo: Japanese Laws Around Wearing Heels To Work Are Loosening

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Repeal, Two Years On - When Women Won

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Hashtag Activism: A Look Back On How Social Media Changed Protesting

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EXPLAINER: Upcoming Elections... What You Need To Know

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Harassment and Stalking Legislation to go Before Dáil

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Revenge Porn In Ireland – Everything You Need To Know

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Should Up-Skirting Be A Criminal Offence?

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These Are The Women Fighting Fascism In Eastern Europe

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House Of Lords To Debate Same Sex Marriage In Northern Ireland Today

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Report Indicating Range Of Changes To Sex Education To Be Published By Oireachtas Committee Today

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Katherine Zappone On The Possibility Of A Female Taoiseach

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A Brief History Of Women In Irish Politics

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Let's Get Political – Why Do We Still Rank So Low for Women in Politics?

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Frances Fitzgerald On The Only Way Equality Can Work

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Ivana Bacik On Sexist Politics: "It's Not A Level Playing Field"

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Holles Street to Accept Abortion Referrals from 7 January

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2018: A Year In Review