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Topshop's Latest Drop Is Rife With Nostalgia

Time to unleash your inner Tina from S-Club...again

Topshop is revisiting the archives of the early aughts...

Think back to a time where your favourite TV show was Lizzie McGuire, films weren't worth watching if they didn't star Mary-Kate and Ashley, your bedroom walls were plastered with 5ive posters and chances are, you spent your free time trying to fashion a halterneck top out of a bandana. 

The halter top has been a style that's been with us for decades. It was made iconic in 1955 when Marilyn Monroe wore the white cocktail dress in The Seven Year Itch. From evening gowns to disco tops, the neckline became a trademark of the 1970s. By the nineties and early 2000s, the halter neck had taken a far more casual turn. Styled with low-rise bottoms by the likes of J-Lo and Keira Knightley. Then, like with most 90s trends, it was pushed to the back of the wardrobe to be forgotten about - for good. 

However, now that the fashion world is currently drunk on the idea of nostalgia, it would appear that halter necks are back. From Christian Dior debuting the neckline on the SS19 runway to Meghan Markle wearing a halter style wedding gown to now, Topshop releasing an entire range of halter neck silk tops. 

While we suggest avoiding the 2000s styling tip of pairing with a pair of low-rise jeans, these silky nostalgia-inspired tops are a perfect match for the satin slip midi skirt. Peak 90s chic.

Spot Print Halter Neck Top, €34, Topshop

Festival Halter Neck Top, €64, Topshop

Currently, there are only two Topshop halter tops that come complete with a matching satin skirt but if past Topshop trends are anything to go by, there will be new shades coming soon. 

Nude Halter Neck Top, €34, Topshop

Satin Bias Midi Skirt, €40, Topshop

Black Halter Neck Top, €34, Topshop

Black Satin Bias Midi Skirt, €40, Topshop

Accessories with combat boots or strappy heels, hair clips and no bra, if you're really committed to the cause. 

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