With almost 20 years’ experience in beauty, Caroline Hirons is one of the most trusted names in the industry. Who better, then, to impart advice on the key dos and don’ts of beauty?

1) From skincare to supplements, do your research 

I hope people are taking good advice and not just buying something because it says it’s going to make you 20 years younger. Do your research, make sure you take something that you actually need and see it all the way through. I would hope that people are coming around to thinking about what they actually ingest as well as what they put on their skin.

2) Look for efficient delivery systems - they make all the difference

I tend to go for quite pure supplements and I always make sure they’re not full of bulking agents. I was introduced to (Vitamin C supplement) Altrient C by Emily Dougherty who at the time was beauty director of American Elle. This is genuinely the cleanest sort of supplement you can find; the only thing that's in there is literally the Vitamin C and the delivery system. It’s liposomal so it’s encapsulated; you’re not just throwing it into the system, hoping for the best.

3) Vitamins in skincare can be effective - know what you need

They all have their place. A topical Vitamin C should go on everyone’s list. Vitamin A is retinol, which I can't live without; Vitamin E gives retinol a boost and helps to activate it. Vitamin D has surfaced in the last couple of years with brands like Alpha H. They do a whole vitamin range and the Vitamin D is wicked in that collection.

Dublin is the second biggest audience (after London) for Caroline's blog

Dublin is the second biggest audience (after London) for Caroline's blog

4) Use a high quality SPF - it’s the best anti-ageing device

I spend my life saying ‘Use SPF’. I do understand that people think it’s just another layer. They’re like, ‘It’s not doing anything for me,’ and I say, ‘Well it’s doing something that you can’t see. That means, in 20 years’ time, you’re not going to have to stress about having pigmentation…’

5) The future of beauty is skin health

I think we’re going to be hearing a lot about pro-biotics and microbiomes. Skin health, skin flora and things like that. I think we’ve reached a point where it’s going to be more about delivery processes and making sure those ingredients do get into the skin. For me it’s much more about the science behind a product. Has the brand done any clinical trials? Or at least used ingredients that have been clinically trialled?

6) Educate yourself and demand transparency from brands

The days of going into a counter and someone saying, ‘Oh this is lovely, it’s really nourishing for your skin’ are over. Most people, especially readers of my blog, will go in and say, ‘Yeah but what does it do and how does it do that?’ There is more education and transparency now and what could be bad about that? I don’t think brands have to write out their full formula but with vitamin c and retinoid, we should be told the percent of what’s in it. Otherwise you don’t know what you’re paying for. 

In conversation with Brenda McCormick. Altrient C (€47.99 for 30 sachets) is available from Boots and LloydsPharmacies and from Abundance Health