Beauty boosters from the inside out

Beauty boosters from the inside outJLE

It’s well known that to maximise skin and hair health you need to eat well but sometimes your face (and body!) need a little extra help to be at their best.

Flooding the body with vitamins, minerals and good fats through a generally healthy diet is the bedrock of good skin, hair, and nails. However, it can be hard to eat well all the time – and quite often you’ll go through a stage where you feel your body needs a bit of help.

From targeted blends for particular woes to general wellness based all-rounders, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of beauty focused supplements out there. Here are just a few of the better ones to check out if you feel you're in need of a boost.  

For stronger hair

Biotin Boost, €36/30 tablets, Philip Kingsley

Trichologist Phillip Kingsley has a range of hair-focused supplements in his renowned haircare range. One of the newest arrival is Biotin Boost, which contains biotin (vitamin H), zinc and Vitamin B12, all of which help to energise hair. As a food supplement they’re also suggested for anyone with a diet low in protein.

For plumper skin

Ultimate Collagen + Second Generation Supplements, €50.23/90 capsules, Ingenious Beauty

Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen + Supplements have had a recent ingredient upgrade. They now contain hydration-boosting hyaluron, rather than hyaluronic acid, as it’s closer to what is naturally in our skin. There’s also contain marine collagen; antioxidant astaxanthin to counteract UV damage; as well as the full spectrum hyaluron complex to encourage hydrated skin.

For all-round wellness

The Super Elixir with Caddy, €112/300g, Welleco

Created by one Elle Macpherson and her personal Harley St. Nutritional Doctor, Dr Simone Laubscher, The Super Elixir comes in powder form rather than tablets. It’s essentially a super greens supplement and the formulation works to alkalise the body. Elle has taken it for years herself and it’s packed with 45 whole food ingredients including pro- and pre-biotics, turmeric, omega 3 and horsetail.

For minimising fine lines

Food Supplement, €49.99/60 capsules, Beauty Beneath

Created by a team of skin scientists, nutritionists, and facialists, these supplements launched in 2016 with some seriously good customer feedback. The dose is made up of two different tablets and combined they contain 19 skin ingredients including marine collagen, biotin (Vitamin H), co-enzyme Q10, zinc, selenium and lycopene. The blend works to stengthen skin structure, reducing the appearance of fine lines as a result.

For boosting lashes

Beauty Complex, €49.95/21 sachets, Revive Active

A bit of an all-rounder for skin, hair and nails, Beauty Complex by Revive Active is a good choice if your lashes need a boots. The daily dose is in a powdered sachet and contains hyaluronic acid, phytoceramides and the all-important marine collagen to help improve the strength and condition of skin, nails and hair. It’s made in Ireland too.

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