Getty Images, 	Aleksandar Nakic

Getty Images, Aleksandar Nakic

With the number of apps that can distract ever increasing, and the number of things to do endless, working in the 21st century can be like navigating a minefield. If you feel like a hamster on a wheel in your 9 to 5, try these hacks to see if you can be more productive on a daily basis.

Work smarter, not harder. 

Be aware of where you spend your time

We're not suggesting that you're a slacker by any means, but if you check Facebook or scroll on Instagram for a 15 minute timeframe (which is really short!), and you do this 4 times per day, that means you can lose one hour of time. Start to be conscious of  what tasks are taking your time - and whether it is serving you work-wise you or not.

Map your current vs. ideal day 

Capture where you spend your time in blocks during the day and this will show you when/where you are currently focusing your attention. After some time doing this, you'll see some trends starting to emerge. Then on a clean sheet of a paper, map out how and where you should ideally be spending your time to be the most productive. Planning is the key to any productive day. 

Control technology

This might sound like a bit of a no-brainer, but try as we might, we do spend a lot of  our time at work being distracted. Turning off the notification functions in apps and email or putting your phone in a drawer (if it comes to it) will help you to appreciate not losing your productivity flow every time a text, email or notification comes through.

Block time to recharge your energy

Finally, it's equally important to actually giving yourself space to enjoy some downtime. Running at super pace for too long and trying to have it all can totally deplete our energy levels, as does our ability to think clearly and make smarter decisions. Make sure that you block out time to recharge your batteries and change your outlook.

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