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Download These 6 Apps And You'll Instantly Be More Productive

App-solute essentials.

Whether it's unknowingly spending hours scrolling through Instagram or hitting 'next episode' on Netflix, Smartphones are often cited as the main culprit for procrastination. Enter productivity apps. 

The digital age has been both a curse and a blessing for busy-bee millennials, who have tried, with mixed results, to blend work, family, fun and recreation together on a daily basis.

Ambitious people (like you and me) are always pressed for time. With so many aspects of our lives overlapping, and the clock ticking until the next task needs to be completed, productivity - or lack thereof - becomes a paramount issue for the fast-paced, time-poor generation. 

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Sure your phone can be a distraction and a burden at times but it can also be a source of huge relief. Cue productivity apps. They can handle you're scheduling, guide you through technology tool management, organize your meals and errands, and generally run your life. 

Below are six of the best productivity apps that can curb the stress of everyday life in the #alwayson age.


A smart tool for brushing up your public speaking skills, it tracks how often you say pause fillers, such as "umm" and "eh" and you can programme it to look for specific words and phrases too.  Free to download on iOS.

Google Keep

A lot of people wouldn’t be able to function without post-it notes. Google Keep is like using post-it notes...but on your phone. It’s a great way to mind dump tasks as they come into your head. Simply create a note, write down the task and pin it onto your screen. It’ll stay there until you complete the task and delete the note. Free to download on iOS and Android.


Don't have access to a scanner? This app saves and scans everything in high-quality JPG or PDF files. We've used it to apply for visas, make last-minute edits and more. Easy. Free to download on iOS and Android.


Whether it's a novel for creativity or non-fiction for education, reading is an essential factor in getting ahead in your career. There’s so much to learn, so much to research and so much self-improvement we can achieve through reading. But it takes time to read books, which is why Blinkist was invented. It takes a non-fiction book, summarises it and reads it back to you (in audio or text) within 15 minutes. Free to download on Android. 


Enter: your virtual accountant app. Take a photo of your receipt and the app extracts al the details. Great for personal or business expenses. Free to download on iOS and Android. 

Happy Not Perfect

While time-saving apps can help your day-to-day tasks, the key to being productivity in looking after both your physical and mental health. By simply entering your daily mood, the Happy Not Perfect app takes you through seven, scientifically-backed steps to refresh and recharge your mind - all within five minutes. 

Free to download on iOS and Android with paid subscriptions available. 

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