The Career Advice the Irish Tatler Team Want You to Know

Ever want to pester the people whose articles you read about their job? Now you can. 

Ever want to pester the people whose articles you read about their job? Now you can. 

Whether you want to be a butcher, baker or candlestick maker, there’s something cathartic in hearing that there is a multitude of ways in achieving your common goal. We did a quick whip-round in the office to find out the advice that's made our team who they are – whether they've been in the game 20 years or are fresh off the boat. 

Ellie Balfe, Editorial Director 

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. And while you're at it, listen, listen, listen!

So, reach out, help out, and hear people out as they do the same. Take feedback with an open mind, and know we are all, always, learning. No woman is an island, especially when it comes to our work lives; take support where it's offered and learn to delegate - it frees you to do the things you are hired to do.

Master spreadsheets, they are vile but necessary. If you are a mum and you work full-time, get a cleaner.

Laura McHugh, Production Manager

Work hard but know you work hard, so cut yourself some slack when needs must. Always have a goal but don't be defeated if the path changes along the way, every step is a learning experience!

Customer facing roles in retail and/or hospitality will be the breaking but ultimate making of you – a great starting point for any career.

Emma Greenbury, Head of Audience

Be approachable but also be a leader, and that means working hard and being reliable.

Never make anyone ask twice for something (beat them to it if you're running late!). Praise great work and treat everyone how you'd like to be treated! Oh and don't step on others to get where you want, lean on each other and support the women around you.  

Emma Blanchfield, Irish Tatler Journalist 

Dream like you're still a five-year-old kid.

There are going to be many, many people who will tell you that your dreams are far too unrealistic or impossible for you to achieve – ignore those people. You might not get there the conventional way but if you start chasing your dreams now, you'll eventually get there. 

Emma O'Farrell, Group Event Manager

'It's nice to be nice' or 'Be kind'.

A mixture of hard work, positive thoughts, kindness and good luck have gotten me to where I am today. I have always tried to return a kindness shown to me – that feels like a natural trait. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I try to always be myself and being true to myself seems to have inspired confidence in others towards me. 

Katie Molony, co-CEO

'Create your own personal boardroom' - a group of people you go to for advice, motivational chats, to call you on your shit, build your confidence, help you solve problems or get you back on track.

You should treat your own personal brand as a business and be clear on your mission and values. This group will keep you true to yourself. 

Kate Demolder, Irish Tatler Journalist

Put yourself out there even though it's the hardest thing in the world. Pester businesses, attend events, get people to put you in touch with bigwigs – whatever you need. It's all about who you know in this game, so make sure that you're at the forefront of people's minds. 

Also, communication is key. Don't be afraid to put huge and possibly crazy ideas out there – people listen to creativity. 

Emma Sutton, Group Head of Design

I would say be confident in your skills and believe in yourself. You can do the job you were hired to do, but if you are not sure about something, just ask...don't wing it.! Also, make sure your voice and opinion are heard. 

Main image by Brendan Church

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