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Why You Should Start Reading Charly Cox's Poetry

Charly Cox is a writer, producer and poet.

Her writing focuses on destigmatizing mental health and the coming-of-age of a young woman surviving the modern world.

In January 2017, she published her first poem on Instagram, showing her internet followers her poetry for the first time; since then she’s been asked to be Virgin Radio’s poet in residence, she’s been published on Refinery29, hosted poetry nights to raise money and awareness for MQ Mental Health and been named by ELLE magazine as one of their 20 power players to watch out for in 2018.

Her bestselling book She Must Be Mad captures the formative experiences of today’s young women from the poignant to the prosaic in writing that is at once witty, wry and heartfelt.

Wayward nights out that don’t go as planned; the righteous anger at those men with no talent or skill or smarts who occupy the most powerful positions in the world; the strange banality of madness and, of course, the hurt and indecision of unrequited love.

She regularly posts recent pieces of her work online, all of which you should become accustomed to during your extended time at home. 

For more of her beautiful work, you can follow her here

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