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Up To 80% Of Us Are Owed A Tax Refund – Here's How You Claim Yours

A lot of people overpay tax without realising it.

Only 20% of eligible recipients applied for tax refunds in 2017.

Thousands of Irish people are missing out on tax refunds for medical expenses worth an average of just under €500.

According to Revenue, 454,700 people claimed tax back on medical expenses out of approximately 2.25 million people working in Ireland in 2017. 

According to, the average refund for medical expenses over four years is €494, but the tax relief on medical expenses is being under-utilised despite applying to most, if not all, households throughout the country.

People often overlook, and forget to claim, tax reliefs - and in doing so, lose out on their chance for a tax windfall. Tax refunds can be sought for the past four years – meaning that, right now, you could claim for refunds as far back as 2016. 

Under a medical expenses tax break, you can claim back a fifth of the cost of certain medical bills in tax relief.

The range of health expenses which you can claim tax relief on however is quite broad - so you may have paid out for an expense which you don't expect to be eligible for the relief, but which actually is.

For example, you can get tax relief on the cost of exercise bikes, wheelchairs and wheelchair lifts, wigs, doctor visits and prescriptions – as long as these items are medically necessary and used on the advice of a practitioner.

You can also get tax relief on IVF, acupuncture or treatment from a psychologist or psychotherapist - as long as certain conditions are met. The cost of a child's educational psychologist or speech and language therapist qualifies for tax relief – as long as the practitioner is registered.

Parents may also be entitled to tax relief on the cost of an overnight stay if that was necessary for their child's hospital treatment. They may also be entitled to tax relief for the cost of transporting their child to and from the hospital, and for their own transport costs when visiting their child.

To calculate your total refund, you can do so right here

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