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From Work Experience To A 23 Year-Long Tenure: Claire Tansey of Oriflame

“It was a constant learning curve”
Claire Tansey

Director of Clinical Evaluation and Scientific Communication with Oriflame Cosmetics, Claire Tansey shares some of her career and life lessons. 

Claire Tansey joined Ori-Derm, the company which supports the renowned Swedish beauty brand Oriflame by conducting cosmetic studies to prove the functionality of products, on work experience over 23 years ago.

A full-time role with the formulation team followed and since, she has held various positions, from product trainer to technology scouting manager within the female-led scientific team in Bray, who pride themselves on being passionate about understanding skin needs and discovering how products can enhance and improve the skin.

With Oriflame currently selling in over 65 markets around the world, we picked Claire's brain to find out a little more about how she manages it all. 

Q: How do you fare on the work/life balance scale?

“It is a challenge, I have to say. I work full time and I have two lovely kids, so there’s always so much to pack into your week, both professionally and personally. In my spare time, I always feel more relaxed after being out in the fresh air, whether it’s in the park with the kids or a walk by the sea.”

What was the best career advice you ever received?

“I would say to follow your dreams, which is quite a mantra at Oriflame. You need to be happy with what you’re doing – your job takes up so much time, it really is important to follow your dreams.”

What life lessons have you learned through work?

“You can achieve more than you think. Sometimes, when you’re faced with a task, you think, ‘How am I going to do that?’ but actually you can, if you put your mind to it. Another lesson is to never burn your bridges. You never know when you’ll need to travel back over the same road or meet the same people.”

Do you find it hard not to fall for the Instagram vs reality myth?

“I’m not a social media junkie so I don’t have that issue but I can see the pressure that it brings to people today. My advice is to focus on your own career goals and make sure you’re happy with your own direction.”

What was the last book that made you think?

“The Breakdown by BA Paris. It’s not much of an intellectual read, it’s a hard-to-put-down thriller, but it showed me that it can be so easy for people to manipulate your thoughts through their actions.”

What are your top tips for dealing with stress?

“To take time out before you react and to try not to take it personally. If you look at the cause of the stress and try and resolve it like a business issue you’re more likely to find the resolution.”

Read more of our interview with Claire in the current issue of Irish Tatler, on shelves now. 

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